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This Christmas, board game developer SimplyFun is giving the gift of play to thousands of children nationwide. The Seattle, Washington-based company has made a $200,000 product donation to the Marine Toys for Tots Campaign, which provides new toys to children in need during the holiday season.

SimplyFun has developed more than 100 award-winning products, sold by the company’s network of independent Playologists. The educational games take a fun approach to teaching children skills such as language development, math and critical thinking. The company is a national corporate sponsor of this year’s Toys for Tots campaign.

“We are very pleased to welcome SimplyFun on board as a national corporate sponsor of the 2014 Marine Toys for Tots Campaign,” said retired Marine Major Bill Grein, Vice President of the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation, in the company’s release. “With their generous contribution of toys and games, along with their willingness to assist us in the difficult work of raising dollars for our annual children’s program, we will be able to fulfill the Christmas holiday dreams of thousands of less fortunate children who otherwise would likely be overlooked this year.”


Effective communication plays a large role in our lives. The better at communicating with your peers, prospects and team, the better chance of success you will have in the end. There are different types of communication that you can master for your life or business. These signals include verbal, physical and audio formats. These signals can mean the difference for success or failure for your business. The other person may misinterpret the type of signal that you use to convey a message. It is very important to think about your message before you send it.

Communication takes place when two people come together to discuss an idea. Problems arise when one person or the other will not listen to the other one. They will try to use their volume to speak louder than the other one. This will frustrate the other person tremendously. This can take place in any format from bad body language to rude tones on the phone. The laws of humanity also affect written communication.

Verbal, audio and physical communication techniques can be learned easily online or at a school. You will learn to read body language and verbal tones. Understanding moods behind these two elements may save you a loss in sales or from wasting more time on a cold prospect. It takes practice and patience to learn and use your analytical skills. It is important to realize that your mood will show up in any form of communication. Bad or good moods will reflect your intensity and energy level for the conversation at hand.

Stay in a positive mood when you deal with prospects over the phone or in person. You should double check your emails and other written content for energy levels and dips in mood. You will want to pay attention to what is being said and how it is said. You will be able to respond better if you know what to look for. Your prospects may display a bad temperament, impatience or negative emotional though patterns that will affect their communication behaviors.

As you watch and analyze your behavior during a chat session over the phone or in person. You will notice certain triggers or events that happen over emotional tones and energy that is exchanged between you and the other person. Be careful on how you present yourself to your prospect; retain a high level of interest and attention. They will respect you for your efforts and you will be able to help solve their problems.


We all know that hostess coaching is important to the success of any home party. It can mean the difference between $100 show with no bookings and $800 show with 3 bookings. So why do we find it so difficult to do?

Mostly because we don’t have a system in place and if we do, many times we just do not follow it. Now the second part I can’t help you with except to suggest that you make sure that each activity you do is marked down on your calendar for the day that it needs to be done and that you set an alarm on your cell phone to remind you to do it.

The system or activities that you need to do, that I am going to help you with in this series of blog posts.

The first contact that you have with the hostess is one of the most important. During that time with her are you finding out the reason why she is having a show? In today’s society people don’t get together much, so is she looking to host a show for the social aspects like having fun, or does she want free product? Knowing that changes how you communicate with her. If she is looking for a fun time with her friends and a few free products and all you are stressing to her is how much free product she is going to get, you will turn her off and she won’t have a great party.

Are you giving her a complete hostess package with everything she needs to have a successful show? If you aren’t then it shows that you aren’t professional and why should she give you her best when you are not giving her yours. Always make sure that no matter what else you have those complete hostess packages.

Are you communicating clearly what is expected of her? Does she know exactly what she needs to do to have a successful show? Are you rewarding her for creating a list of 100 people that night? This step is also very important as not everyone knows what they need to do to have a successful show. In fact in today’s society I would say that most people don’t know what to do. Make sure that you either take the time at the show to explain it to her or by the latest the next day to ensure that her show is successful.

Here is a small investment that you can make in your business that can have huge results. Are you offering to complete and mail her invitations for her? I know, I know, that is going to cost you time and money. But my question to you is this? How many shows have you done where no one shows up because the hostess didn’t have time to invite people? The more that you do the more it guarantees success and if you are counting on that money you better do everything you can to make sure that people are there.

Also are you offering to send an email series to everyone invited reminding them of the show? It is easy to do. You create a group in your email system and with one click you can send an email to the whole group. Create picture templates (you can use Publisher and save it as a JPEG) with reminder like 2 days to the party. I am excited, are you? They save time typing because all you do is insert the picture add a couple of details and click send.

Here is the big thing. You now have all those people’s contact information and mailing address. After the show you can send anyone who didn’t come an email with a link to your website so that they can still order from the party.

You can also mail people a card inviting them to have their own party, since they didn’t get a chance to come the first time. There are so many things you can do ethically once you have their contact information.

In part 2 of this series we are going to look at the contacts that you need to make with your hostess form the time of book to the actual show.

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