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We have all had transforming moments in our lives. From a precious new child in the family, to finishing school, marriage and beyond. Each stepping stone in life should be celebrated and remembered. We are who we are because of our experiences in life. At Carin Bracelets we celebrate the milestones while transforming our Flutterby Designers lives. Generation after generations we pass along a piece of our history, why not let that piece of history be a beautiful charm bracelet marking the passages in our lives? We here at Carin Bracelets want to keep this tradition going. In doing so we have organized parties to bring this tradition back and to celebrate the transformation each woman goes through. For each transformation or life event there is a charm. The memories and stories that make up every charm are shared and celebrated.

Join us as a Flutterby Designer to keep this tradition going. NEW! Carin Bracelets Ground-Floor Opportunity Carin Bracelets , a powerful, pre-launch business opportunity launching October 2015! Looking for an opportunity that will inspire you?

Carin Bracelets is an exciting, new home-based party plan business featuring bracelets for creative self-expression through a fun and friendly home business. We are looking for new team members locally and nationwide. We offer a flexible schedule, fantastic commissions, generous host gifts, recognition and exclusive training opportunities.

Carin Bracelets:
*We started June 2015 and Launching our Direct Sales Line Oct 2015
*We help you every step of the way with:

Business Planning
* Start your Business Planner
* 30/60/90 Start up plan
* Your own Carin Bracelets email address
* Help you setup your PayPal business account
* Your own back end office – To order all party supplies and marketing material
* View training videos
* Order Free Hostess gifts
* See your Flutterby Designer reports

Free Carin Bracelets website to direct your customers to your website
* Have people purchase from you 24hrs Day & Night!

Fantastic Commissions
* 25% to 33% Commissions – Plus Free Hostess Gift
(That don’t come out of your pocket)
* Senior Director level  up – 30% compensation on sales Plus 2% to 4% of team sales up to three tiers.
* Bonus percentages when you transform into the next level
* When you hit Senior Director level you start earning percentage of team sales!
* Cash Bonuses for meeting and maintaining transformation levels

Amazing Bonus Structure

    • Flutterby Designer $1,000 – Stay Director level Bonus*
    • Flutterby Designer – $2,000 –Stay Senior Director level Bonus*
    • Flutterby Designer – $3,000 – Stay Executive Director level Bonus*
    • Flutterby Designer – $5,000 – Stay Senior Executive Director level Bonus*

*One-time Cash Bonuses are for meeting and maintaining Title Requirements during the first 3 consecutive months after promoting to the new title

Different levels of Starter Kits
* We have three levels of the starter kits – pick which one if right for you.

Get Free Stuff!
* Right off the bat we have our Carin Bracelets Flutterby Designer Bracelets that are only given to designers and can not be purchased. This is a special thank you gift to our designers and something to show off to your friends!

Our Flutterby Designer Starter Kit is filled with everything you will need to start having parties that night!

For More Information Please Contact:
Melissa Carin Becker


I know it is scary to think about it, but the Holidays are really right around the corner. With October knocking on our door, 3rd quarter is when direct sales and party plan businesses can really make an impact on sales. Starting to plan your sales now means you can make some serious cash and take your business to the next level.

Many of the direct sales businesses have their holiday books out or shipping very soon. One of the first things you want to make sure that you do is to purchase any demos you need now, before they are sold out. Holiday product are in limited supply since your company does not want left overs so your demos are in limited supply too.

Next get your calendar ready. Mark out your party days, plan your Open Houses and get prepared to sell. Check your supplies and work ahead in the next few weeks gathering items for drawings or special promos that you may want to incorporate into your parties or Open House.

Get your lists ready for invitations to your Open House and any special events that you are attending or holding. Work on any special mailings needed for post card or flyer announcements and order supplies for that or work on your graphic if you are printing them yourself. Also place your holiday card order so those can go out early so remind people of your services.

Order your cello wrap for gift baskets and products so you can wrap purchases as gifts, if that is a service you offer.

Start booking your Holiday parties now before the crush in on. Let you hostesses know that booking now will guarantee them the perfect spot and some great gifts too. Lots of new items to excite them! Get your new catalogs in to the hands of your customers now so they can be excited too and plan their purchases.

Talk to people about starting their business now in time for the holiday sales. By adding recruits before the holiday is here, you are setting them up for success. Big sales during the holidays help make it harder for people to leave or slow down after the holiday is done not to mention they love making money for Christmas!

By taking some time now to plan for your busiest sales quarter, you are going to be ahead of schedule and have no stress going into the big Holiday push. Plan your work and work your plan will mean serious success in growth and sales in your direct sales party plan business this holiday season!

Copyright Chris Carroll and DirectSalesTalk. If you see this on any other site without my byline, please let me know. 

Here are some helpful hints for making the most of the holiday selling season.

Get organized! You cannot have a record-breaking season if you are not prepared. Set aside one hour today to order supplies, update your potential hostess list, get your show bag in order, clear your desk, and make those booking calls.

Schedule early and schedule tight! Begin filling your calendar with more shows than you would ever dream of holding. Promote noon and four p.m. tea shows so you can hold two shows in one day!

Have a family meeting. -Share with your family the importance of the season ahead and together decide on a reward you will all enjoy when you meet your goal. Post a family calendar on the fridge that includes important family events as well as your shows. Create a plan for when mom is away on business and make sure they know that they are an important part of your career.

Prepare meals in advance. Set aside one afternoon or evening each week to prepare healthy meals for the nights you won’t be home. This eliminates the stress of rushing a meal and running out the door. Your family will know that they are your top priority. (For cook-ahead meal ideas go to our Meal Planning section in the DSWA Learning Library.)

Maintain an attitude of gratitude! The holidays are a busy time and are sometimes overwhelming; however give thanks for the abundance coming your way and celebrate your success. You will have time to take it a little slower in January.

Holiday Sales Now is the time to gear up for the selling season ahead with fabulous sales ideas. Give your display tables a festive touch by draping them with elegant fabric in seasonal colors. A greeting card, ornament, or wrapped gift will also remind guests the holidays are just around the corner. Help clients take the guesswork out of gift giving with a Gift Certificate, if your company has this available or make your own gift certificate or basket gift. Have one on display at your shows and always offer this as a solution to your male clients. Offer to help busy clients take care of the people on their gift list in one easy stop with you.

Gift Buying Appointment. Have the items delivered to your home, then gift-wrap and label each gift and personally deliver the order to your client’s home or office. Look into the possibility of participating in a community or church holiday bazaars. Often these events offer great exposure at a reasonable price. Be sure your products are properly labeled for your shows. This will make it easier for your customers to write up their own orders and reduce the order taking time at your shows. But remember to be familiar enough with the style and price of your samples so you can check orders for accuracy.

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