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You know what they say, everything is bigger and better in Texas. The old adage may prove true when the 50th Academy of Country Music (ACM) Awards—Country Music’s Party of the Year® – is broadcast, for the first time ever from North Texas, LIVE in front of a record-setting crowd. From its Leadership Conference in Nashville, Tenn., beauty company Mary Kay announced its partnership with the 2015 ACM Awards as the Official Beauty Sponsor.

Four-time ACM Award winners Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan will co-host the super-sized night of live country performances from AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas on Sunday, April 19 at 8:00 p.m. ET on CBS. Throughout the awards show, six Mary Kay commercials will air nationwide.

“The 50th ACM Awards is a landmark event and we’re thrilled to be part of a historical country music experience at one of the biggest venues in the country in our own backyard,” said Sara Friedman, Vice President of U.S. Marketing for Mary Kay Inc. “This platform allows us to showcase our irresistible beauty products to a national audience while providing an opportunity to engage Mary Kay’s independent sales force and reach Mary Kay brand lovers, as well as new customers, through a new and different avenue.”

The awards show celebrates its 50th anniversary and caps off three days of events including the 3rd annual ACM Party for a Cause® festival held on April 17-18 at Globe Life Park, home of the Texas Rangers, also in Arlington. The outdoor music event features multiple stages for live country music performances and a Mary Kay booth where fans will receive product samples and learn more about how to connect with an independent beauty consultant.

“We are excited to partner with a Dallas icon and legendary beauty brand, Mary Kay, as we prepare for the largest celebration in country music history,” said Teresa George, SVP Brand Integration & Strategic Partnerships for the Academy. “Music fans turned out in droves when tickets went on sale for the events and quickly became the fastest selling in the Academy’s history with 65,000 tickets sold in just 18 minutes.  We’re looking forward to a warm welcome from Mary Kay and thousands of country music fans in North Texas.”


When it comes to training team members in the direct selling party business there are several important points all consultants should know. It is often difficult to remember each point and easy to forget some of the seemingly smaller ones because of everything else that must be done before any type of direct sales show. That is why it is a good idea to provide your direct sales consultants with a checklist they can use when aiding hostesses in preparing for a show.

Each direct sales party consultant should be taught how to help the host properly prepare for a show. This includes making sure she or he has enough catalogs, verifying all products are ready and in place, and helping with the overall set up of the event. This is especially important if the host has never been involved in a home party plan event. The idea is to make that host feel as comfortable as possible before the very first show which will make the guests feel more comfortable as well. Comfortable guests are more likely to purchase products.

The consultant should always recognize the host during the show for all the preparation for the event. This will serve as encouragement and will let the host know that she or he is moving in the right direction.

Motivation For Your Direct Selling Party Host
When a guest at a show decides to become a host, the party plan consultant should always provide a host packet that very night and go through it thoroughly to ensure a successful show. This is a perfect example of on-the-spot promoting and will work wonders. Taking the time to go through the packet with the prospective host at the show will demonstrate vested interest the consultant is taking, which will help the ball start rolling more quickly.

The direct sales consultant should always inform the host of how the credits from the show can be used. Knowing the options can make a big difference in a host’s future in home party planning and will make the overall process easier to understand.

When a consultant discusses party plan techniques with a guest wishing to book an show, that consultant should ask that the guest list be returned within three or four days. Write that date down on the guest list so the prospective hostess will remember to follow through.

If the consultant does not receive the guest list on the requested date it is important to call the prospective host. Sending a card works well as a reminder as well.

When the consultant receives a guest list that contains less than 20 names, it is a good idea to call the prospective host to further discuss a strategy for attendance and sales. The more people who attend demonstration the better because attendance can add up to sales in a hurry.

A consultant should also make the host aware of the monthly specials so the information can be relayed to direct sales show guests. The more information the host has, the more questions she or he will be able to answer before, during and after the event takes place.

When your home party plan consultants practice some simple tips and techniques they will have hostesses that have more customers at every show so that they can make more money! Watch a host coaching video on that will teach your team how to get guests to every party. Learn more direct sales party training here.



It is well known that one of the main reasons why people will join a MLM or Direct Sales company is for the recognition and rewards.

Most people do not get recognition at work or home, because it is just expected. That’s the way things are. At work, well you get paid what more do you expect. At home, well let’s not even go there. That could take up pages.

So when people come into your company,, work hard and don’t get any recognition then they figure, “Why even bother, this is just like my job, or it is just like being at home. No appreciation.” and they give up.

So if you want a team that excels then recognize them, and not just for the big things, especially when they are new.

So what are 7 ways that you can reward and recognize your team?

  1. Social Media – Social media, especially Facebook is a great way to do lots of recognition that doesn’t take a lot of time and no cost to it. Start a group for your team and regularly encourage them and recognize not only results but good actions that build a business. Take pictures when you do things with your team and post them, be creative.
  1. By Phone or Email – I have not met a person yet who doesn’t like to get a phone call or email that is just about how much you recognize and appreciate their efforts and how well they are doing.  It doesn’t have to be long. It just has to be heartfelt.
  1. Webinar/Conference Call – This is a great way to do the recognition all at once and everyone gets to hear it. Also if you have team members across the country or world it allows everyone to be involved. Have them set at regular times so that your team members know when they are going to be and schedule time to be there.
  1. Local Meetings – This one works great if all of your teams members live within close distance to each other. Get them all together and do lots of appreciation for all that they do. Rewards do not have to be expensive and you should never be spending so much that you are not making any money yourself. Get creative while being cost effective.
  1. Newsletters By Mail – I don’t care what people say. I still get excited when I find something good in my mailbox. There is just something about opening up a letter or parcel and seeing what is inside. Do it once a month or every two months with lots of recognition in many different categories to get as much of your team as possible. Everyone loves to see their name on the page.
  1. Contests With Prizes – Every once in a while hold a contest with some prizes. Again make the prizes according to what you can afford and then encourage your team members to participate and publically announce the winners.
  1. Thank You Cards – Just out of the blue send a thank you card to one of your team members just because you appreciate them. Imagine how you would feel going to mail box and finding a card inside when you weren’t expecting it. I know how I would feel. Pretty good.

So there are some simple ideas on how you can take your recognition up a notch and really show your team members how much you appreciate them. I know from experience that if you do these things then your team members will stay longer and accomplish more.

To Your Success,
Kim Thompson-Pinder