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Planning and hosting Customer Appreciation Parties twice a year is one way for home party plan consultants to let their customers know that they are special and that you appreciate their business.

These types of parties don’t have to be expensive, formal or time consuming. You just set a date and send out invitations to all of your customers in your data base. Let them know that you are hosting this event in their honor and to thank them for their business.

For this type of event you will want to do a few simple things:

1. Offer discounts on every product that they purchase or order. You need to make this discount higher than others you may offer. If you normally offer a 10% off discount make it 15% or 20% off during this special one-day only event. This special discount should ONLY be valid with your established customers and not given to new ones. Their loyalty needs to be rewarded!

2. Offer free gift wrapping or gift bags if they are purchasing products to give as gifts. This in a little added extra incentive to get them to buy gifts to go along with their personal purchases. Small incentives like this can bump up your product sales in a big way. Shop your local discount dollar-type of store to pick up the supplies you will need.

3. Serve some single grab-and-go finger foods and bottled refreshments to keep things light and easy. They can enjoy the goodies there or take them to go.

4. The location should be kept casual and care-free. It is best to host it at your own residence and do it over a weekend. You can have it “casual walk-in” style on Saturday from 1 pm to 4 pm and on Sunday from 4 pm to 6 pm (or whatever days and times work best for you).

5. Host a few door prize drawings! Select three products to use as your door prizes and have blank entry form slips available. For every customer who attends & places an order have them fill out an entry form slip. Once you close your event, draw three random winners who will each receive one of the door prizes.

6. Offer express order placement and shipping. This means…you don’t keep the party open for days or weeks on end. Place their orders right away and get those products shipped & into their hands quickly.

These types of direct sales events don’t have to be expensive, time-consuming or a hassle. They should be casual in their nature and should be a way for you to recognize your customers and reward them for their loyalty in doing business with you.\

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When you run a home-based business it can be rather difficult to juggle all the responsibilities you have all in one place. Work at home moms (WAHM) may have even more difficulties making the time to work.

You live in your home but you are working out of it too, so what happens when those responsibilities begin to co-mingle? It seems there isn’t enough time for everything or everyone in the day and finding a balance can be frustrating at times. When the kids are at school this isn’t as difficult. You know what time they go to school and when they will arrive home. Every business has office hours and your home based business should be no exception. Set the work at home hours to coincide with the children’s schooling. You know just how much time you will have in between to take care of business. During the summer months and various holidays, however, this can be a more challenging task.

Because you are self-employed you can’t just take time off whenever you choose. Time means money and not working means not making any, so the alternative then becomes finding a way to juggle kids with work. The key here is to give them something constructive to do while you are working, something that makes them feel like they are important contributors to the task at hand. This way you will know what they doing at all times while still being able to take care of important business. Working while enjoying the kids events is a great way to mingle your WAH activities. Another is to give your children chores that relate to your business. This way they earn their allowance, learn business skills and help you out as well.

When it comes to computers, kids are usually just as, if not more, technically savvy as the adults. If you are going to let them use a computer, make sure it is one earmarked especially for leisure time. That way you have a computer for business and they have one for fun. Encourage them to use the computer while you are making important phone calls or sending out e-mails.

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Photo: Darrell Overcash, President of Mary Kay US, reveals Mary Kay as the Official Beauty Sponsor of the 50th Academy of Country Music Awards. (Mary Kay)

Photo: Darrell Overcash, President of Mary Kay US, reveals Mary Kay as the Official Beauty Sponsor of the 50th Academy of Country Music Awards. (Mary Kay)

Mary Kay got back to its Southern roots on Sunday as the Official Beauty Sponsor of the 50th Academy of Country Music (ACM) Awards.

The Dallas-based brand showcased its beauty products in six commercials that aired nationwide during the awards show, dubbed country music’s party of the year. Mary Kay also hosted a booth at the two-day ACM Party for a Cause festival leading up to the event.

The 50th anniversary show drew a record-setting crowd to North Texas, where the live broadcast took place for the first time. The Academy reported that all 65,000 tickets to this year’s event sold in just 18 minutes.

“The 50th ACM Awards is a landmark event, and we’re thrilled to be part of a historic country music experience at one of the biggest venues in the country in our own backyard,” Sara Friedman, Mary Kay’s Vice President of U.S. Marketing, said in the company’s release.

The cosmetics brand generated buzz among its customers and consultants with—what else?—a makeover contest. Mary Kay jetted the winner to Texas for an exclusive fan experience at the show, where country icons such as George Strait performed, Luke Bryan took home the fan-picked Entertainer of the Year award, and Taylor Swift accepted one of the evening’s Milestone awards.

As part of its “Beauty Loves Country” campaign surrounding the ACMs, Mary Kay also produced tutorial videos featuring some of country music’s young talent. The segments show Mary Kay makeup artists creating red carpet looks for a handful of the industry’s rising stars.