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Many direct sales organizations are based on the idea of offering free consultations and complimentary sales presentations in order to get their products and services in front of customers with the hopeful end result of sales and future re-orders.

When offering free samples and free services, be sure to leave your potential customers wanting more. For example, if you sell beauty products and offer pampering hand or foot treatments, you may wish to only do one hand/foot. It will show the results and leave your customers wanting to have the same results on the other hand or foot.

Freebie needs to be done with the full intention of booking a future consultation, party and/or sales or products. Offering freebies gives the prospect a chance to sample your products and services, but you should have be prepared to entice them to buy, book or recruit.

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Origami Owl has garnered plenty of attention following the company’s rapid growth, and the leadership team is seizing the opportunity to shine a spotlight on the cause of child abuse and bullying prevention. The customized jewelry seller has partnered with Childhelp, an organization that has spent more than half a century advocating for abused and neglected children.

Childhelp recognized Origami Owl’s support during its recent Childhelp Day of Hope luncheon, where the organization’s Co-Founder Sara O’Meara presented the National Day of Hope Corporate Award to Origami Owl Founder Bella Weems.

A donation from Origami Owl will go toward Childhelp’s “Speak Up Be Safe” prevention education program. The company’s support will place the program in the hands of millions of students through a curriculum expansion and the launch of a virtual campus to teach facilitators nationwide. Origami Owl’s sponsorship will enable Childhelp to expand its current first- to sixth-grade curriculum to include all grade levels.

The initiative will also focus on Origami Owl’s home state of Arizona. In an effort to propel nationwide adoption of the program, the company is funding a large-scale push to introduce “Speak Up Be Safe” to over 100,000 Arizona students.

“We are so thrilled to partner with Origami Owl for this important project, not just in Arizona but across the United States,” O’Meara said in a statement. “There is an epidemic of abuse going on in this country, and we aim to halt it in its tracks with the Childhelp Speak Up Be Safe curriculum. We hope this comprehensive prevention education curriculum can help put us out of business, and we are so grateful for Origami Owl’s great heart in supporting this cause.”

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If you are working in the field of multi-level marketing (or network marketing) and selling your product or service directly to your customers, including recruiting for your company, there are going to be many blocks that could stop your progress and ultimate success. Direct sales consists of real work to make it succeed and you have to be a certain kind of entrepreneur to make your dreams come true.

In direct sales, you have to contact customers, sell them on your service or product, close the sale and follow up. In order to contact someone in the first place, you have to have a list of prospects. Perhaps your multi-level marketing company provides you with lists of names, but more often they don’t. You have to find your own. And this can mean cold calling.

Calling on prospects in direct sales can be very intimidating. There are so many rejections right off the bat that you might just throw in the towel after the first hundred calls. However, in any game such as this, you must realize that it is a numbers game. You will always get a certain percent of sales for each 100 calls you make.

Maybe you think that being an entrepreneur and that the work from home business isn’t all it claims. That’s true if you think that it’s simply all automatic and the money is just going to roll in. It’s a lot of hard work. Being an entrepreneur signifies someone who can start and operate a venture for profit. Profit doesn’t come from doing nothing.

You will need to have the concept that the harder you work, the more profit you will make. And the more contacts you make, the more sales you will eventually make. You also have to maintain the initial enthusiasm you had when you started, no matter how many calls you make where someone bad-mouths you or hangs up on you. It’s all part of the territory.

Sure, you have the overall goals in mind of what you want to achieve with your direct sales business. But how about setting a goal for the day? Set a goal to make ONE sale. Then work like a fiend to make that one goal a reality. Do the same the next day. You are giving yourself successes, and you can remember these when the going gets rough.

Have a nice space to work, with all the tools of your trade laid out before you. If you need to refer to something when you make a call, ensure it is handy. Then you won’t get tongue-tied and blow a sale. Get your patter down so you know exactly what to say and when. It will go much smoother that way.

Confront and sort out all problems you run into. There will be some, so get used to the idea. Don’t let them halt your production of calls, but list them out and make a time to deal with them.

Deal with things a step at a time in direct sales, but don’t let anything drag you off your overall purpose. If you are a determined entrepreneur, you can make anything happen if you put your mind to it.

By: Wendy Stevens as a single mom vaulted to the top of the Direct Sales Industry in 8 months. Wendy is a former 3-time Div I All Amer. Lacrosse Player, NCAA Div I Nat’l Champion & Div 1 NCAA Head Coach. Wendy is one of the top 1% earners in the entire direct sales industry. As Marketer, Trainer and Speaker, Wendy is in demand nationally. She earned 7 figures in networking marketing. Information on Wendy, visit