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Christmas shopping

Wow, the Christmas season is here again. I don’t know about you, but this year has gone by so fast. I love the Christmas season and all that it brings. In my business it is the busiest time of year and the easiest to sell and recruit in. Who doesn’t want great Christmas gifts and an opportunity to make money!

Most people can easily double their customer base and sales during the Christmas season if you plan it right.

So here are the 6 things that you need to do to increase your sales and make the money that you want.

  1. Get Into As Many Christmas Shows As Possible  – What a perfect way to get in front of hundreds of people in a short space of time. Even though I do sell products at these shows, my main goal and focus is to get people to put their names and info in for the draw I do. I am not looking for one time sales. I am looking for new long term customers and recruits that will bring in consistent business.

If you would more info on what to put on your ballot to increase sales then check out my free video series Prospect Your Way To Success HERE.

  1. Get Your Sales Material Out As Soon As Possible – Many people are already starting to do their Christmas shopping and comparing prices on things. You need to get your brochures, catalogues or other sales materials out to them as soon as possible so that they have time to go through them thoroughly and get the products that they want. Also make sure that your order dates are clearly marked so that your customers don’t miss out on getting their products.
  1. Do Consistent Follow Up Calls – People’s lives are very busy these days and it is easy to forget to make that call or email or go online to order the products that you want. That is why reminder calls are important. There have been times that I have increased my order by as much as $300 just by calling my customers who haven’t ordered and reminding them that my order is going in soon. I always get one of two answers. The first is, “I am so glad that you called, there were things that I wanted and I would have missed out on. Thanks,” and then they give me their order, or they tell me that they don’t want anything from this current brochure, but thanks for calling.

Proper follow up is actually an essential part of the customer service that you provide your customers with, especially the new customers who haven’t gotten use to ordering from you yet. When you make your follow up calls, you should never be pushy, be friendly and just give them a reminder that your order is going in.

  1. Upsell When Taking Orders – There are a couple of ways to upsell that are really effective. First, right after your customer has given you an order, offer them something else at a really great price. I love to do this with new consumable products that have come out as a way of getting my customer on the product. I don’t make much money on the first sale, but I do when they buy it over and over again. The second is to remind your regular customers that something they love is on sale and they didn’t order it. They might have missed it in the brochure and by you reminded them, it shows that you care about saving them money.
  1. Do A Christmas Open House – Have your own Christmas show and make it really festive and fun. Have products for sale and demos that they can order. I always like to have coffee, tea, and a platter of goodies to help people hang around and look at things. I do a draw and if a person brings a friend who is not my customer already they get an extra ballot. I love it because it gives me time to talk to my customers with products right in front of them for a more visual effect.
  1. Bring Extra Products With You When You Deliver The Orders – What a great way to get impulse sales! The more senses you get in the selling process the easier it is to sell a product. This is a great way to get rid of inventory that you have sitting around or to introduce new product to your customers. Think of it this way. Even if you were to only sell an extra $100 per month, that is still $1200 in extra sales for the year and anywhere from $300 – $480 depending on your commission in your pocket just from those product sales, not including the extra you will make from repeat sales.

At Christmas time people enjoy a quick and easy shopping experience and bringing it right to their door is the easiest of all. The great thing is that it doesn’t cost you any extra time, since you are already delivering the orders anyway.

Well, there you go, six ways to increase your sales this Christmas season. I highly suggest that you put a plan together now for the rest of the season so that you get the most out of it.

To the best selling season you have ever had,

Kim Thompson-Pinder

Kim is a committed MLMer, author of several books, business coach, and public speaker and she would love to give you one of her books for free. Go to to get How To Have 100 Recruits On Your Team In 6 Months.



Not everyone can be America’s Next Top Model, but now every woman can buy (and sell) runway-ready beauty products tested and approved by Tyra Banks, creator of the hit reality show. The enterprising former model, author and television personality has rolled out TYRA Beauty, a new cosmetics line sold directly through women who join the company as “Beautytainers.”

The fully self-funded venture has been four years in the making, but Banks has honed her own makeup expertise throughout a career in modeling and 21 cycles as producer and host of Top Model. The line features easy-to-apply products based on the three pillars of the TYRA Beauty experience: the TYover, the Smize and the It Factory.

TYover products come in a stick and incorporate proprietary “TY-Glide Technology” for versatile looks on the go. The Smize—a popular term from the Tyra lexicon for “smiling with your eyes”—pillar is all about eye makeup. And finally, the It Factory is a collection of cosmetics that combine unique textures and innovative formulas.

“Without makeup, I would have never been a supermodel. I don’t wake up with naturally sculpted cheekbones—I paint them on! I believe makeup is the great beauty equalizer,” Banks shared in her announcement.

Tyra Beauty is also equalizing its distribution method through the direct selling channel. In a model the company has dubbed “CEOYou selling,” individuals can sign on as independent contractors and receive online training through Tyra University (TyraU). Of course, it’s not a catwalk without some mood music, and Banks has also collaborated with Jingle Punks, producers Dem Jointz and Ryan Toby, and Motown artist STORi to create the CEOYou Selling anthem, Bootyful.


So, you are stuck.

You don’t have enough bookings, sales, or team members and you feel like you are a member of the proverbial NFL (No Friends Left) network marketing club. The quickest cure for this malaise is to play a game. It’s sort of like twenty questions.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to get on the phone (or in the car, as the case may be) and get twenty “No” answers to these specific questions:

  • Would you consider/Would You Like/Can I Talk You Into being a Preferred Hostess for me next month?
  • Do you need/May I share/Would you like to see my current special for preferred customers?
  • Would you like to know/find out about/get the details about what I do?
  • Do you know anyone who needs the above?

That is, if this person does not need or want your product, do they know someone who might? This is a variation on the good prospecting question. You need to be clear on what problem you solve for people. Do you get rid of facial wrinkles? Then you are seeking people who have facial wrinkles AND want to get rid of them. Do you specialize in thirty minute-five ingredient healthy meals? Then you are looking for busy people who need to eat fast without giving up their health.

So, the fourth question is critical – if you call a friend knowing very well he or she has no interest in your product, be up front about that. Say, “I know you have no interest whatsoever in hosting a (Name Company here) party for me. But we have a really unique hostess offer this month, and I am wondering if you know anyone who needs BLANK” Fill in your solution in the blank.

Do that twenty times and see if you can beat the odds. If you do get twenty negatives before two positives, keep playing because the odds will come back around for you sooner or later.

You’ll also feel better for having taken action, and tomorrow you’ll be ready to keep playing the house.

Kimberly Bates has been in direct sales on and off for many years, and the lessons she shares usually come from doing it the wrong way first! She believes “selling” has gotten a bad name, and thinks good selling skills can make a difference in your success. To receive a sequenced selling skills training series tailored to party plan direct sellers, go to