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So in part 1 of 10 Things You Need To Know To Make Your Recruiting Great we looked at making recruiting a natural part of your business and how by doing that you can recruit about 50 people a year adding almost no time at all for actual prospecting. So here is the thing, you have a choice. You can read this and think, “This is great” and do nothing, or you can take action and allow it to become a habit that leads you to success.

Don’t be surprised when your kids get tired of you talking to people and you might hear from them, “Mom/Dad, do you have to talk to EVERYONE about your business?” LOL (Ask me how I know that one!) but when it becomes habit recruiting becomes easy and you are actually seeing results.

We also looked at don’t get tied up in the results and that is very important, because when you get tied up in the result it actually hinders your recruiting efforts. Believe it or not, the best way to attract people to you is to not care whether they join your team or not. People are expecting you to try and force them into your business and when you don’t they become more curious.

So today we are going to look at number 3 which is how not to let negative people affect your business. This one can determine if you achieve success or not.

The best way to deal with them is just DON’T and this applies in two situations. The first situation is when you are trying to recruit someone who is negative.

The reality is, it is not your job to try to convince someone negative that your business is good and that they will be successful at it. You will spend time and energy that you could use on productive activities and at the end you will not convince them anyway and you come out of it feeling drained and like hitting your head against the wall.

Also if you do manage to recruit a negative person you are going to find that it affects your whole team because that negative person will be negative at your events and when talking to others on your team and bring everything down to a depressing level where no one wants to do anything, and once that happens it is very hard, but not impossible to bring it back to a good place.

Also, you may have negative people in your life who think that building a MLM business is stupid and let you know it on a regular basis. These are very dangerous people who will destroy your hope and dreams of success. Many times they are trying to bring you down because they didn’t get the success that they wanted and don’t want other people to as well.

So there are two ways of dealing with people like this. Number one is to not spend anytime with them. I know that may sound harsh, but the truth is that your path to success will already have obstacles that you have to overcome and why would you put yourself into a situation where you constantly have to battle another? Constantly dealing with people like that only drain you and waste valuable time and energy that you could use to focus on your business.

Number 2, if you have to be around those people then protect yourself. Make a commitment to yourself before you even see them that you are not going to argue with them and no matter what they say, you are not going to let it inside of you.

Whether you realize it or not, you have the choice to let what someone say affect you or not. Just because someone says something you don’t have to accept it inside of yourself as truth!

Many times over the years, I have had people (even people very close to me) say some very negative things and I had a choice. I could let it in and hurt me and destroy my dream, or I could refuse to let it in, forgive the person and get on with what really matters.

I know that it is hard and you are probably thinking to yourself, “But you don’t know who I have to deal with?” and while that is true, can I be very blunt with you?

Why would you let anyone steal your future? Why would you give that kind of power to someone in your life? Every time, you let those negative words in you give power to the person who spoke them and they know it and get their kicks from it. When they can get you to agree with them it gives them a thrill and they will continue to go at you.

The best way to really annoy a negative person and get them to leave you alone is to never agree with them. In fact find something positive about their negative and tell them. Keep a smile on your face and whatever you do don’t agree with any negative thing they say. After a while they will leave you alone because they have no power over you and they know it.

Don’t argue with them, just say your positive and smile. If they keep going at you, just say, “I guess that we will have to agree to disagree.” and walk away.

One of the best things you can do in your life and business is to find someone that you can go to who is very positive and will help you when you need to combat negativity. Someone who will lift you up and get you back on track again.

To Your Success,
Kim Thompson-Pinder

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Does your company have tons of rules about advertising? How about websites? Do the rules make you feel like you are being restricted by the company? Well maybe you are not!

Let’s look at this from another point of view. Most Direct Sales businesses are geared to grow through personal contact. You talk to people. Share your goods and services and business opportunities. Direct Sales is Based on Personal Contact. Ok, so what if you can’t have a website! Does that mean you are stopped from using message boards and forums to grow your business? Not really. So you can’t use print advertising or the name of the company in print. Does that mean you cannot make a generic ad for your business? Not really. No recruiting ads online? Big Deal!! You can recruit the heck out of your hostess and customers.

What I am trying to say is that since the concept of door to door sales and Direct Sales as a whole was conceived, it has been about Personal relationships and not about how good your ad was or how many you blasted out in the world. You mainly grow your business by talking to people, finding their likes and filling that need. Period!

Sure there is going to be some people that have mainly done online sales and that is great. But in our world of Direct Sales, the more you do offline, the greater your sales will be. Offline contact will feed Online sales as well, so they do go hand in hand. But, by focusing on personal contact and one on one relationships, you will be successful.

Read your contract again and then read between the lines. It tells you all of the things you cannot do. But look for the things you can do. Focus on those and do them well! You will be a success and will not have to be frustrated any more.

Copyright 2004-2006 by Chris Carroll. Chris is a work at home mom that has been in sales for 20+ years. She has a BS in Business Management and is the host of as well as her business she enjoys with her son at

Direct or Party Plan selling companies sign up thousands of new consultants every year. Most join with excitement, energy and desire, yet fully a third of those never put in their first show. What happens?

One – Unrealistic Expectations – Especially if someone has never been in direct sales before, they tend to expect everyone to react to the product the same way that they did. When hitting the first negative reactions or not supportive friends or family, they fold. Solution? First, be honest that not everyone is going to want the products they are selling. Second, teach them how to ask for customers who will.

Two – Inadequate Training – The very nature of direct selling dictates that the new consultant, who is often an independent contractor, has to be willing to TAKE the training that is offered. And, sadly, many do not have a clue what to do, but will still fail to take advantage of available training opportunities. As a sponsor, consider having the training conversation BEFORE the sign-on-the-dotted-line conversation. We all want our teams to grow, but a team full of people who are not selling is just an address list.

Three – They Give Up Too Easily – The rule-of-thumb that it takes ninety days to really get a direct sales business rolling is very true. So, it can be hard to convince that new consultant who did not get any bookings at her first (and only scheduled) show to keep working. There ARE ways to sell the products that are not home parties. However, many of these lead to bookings for shows. Have you shared with your consultants the use of free classes or public speaking to attract new contacts? If you are very solid at getting bookings, it can be tough to make these suggestions to someone who is struggling. In general, proactively offer assistance once, and tell them point blank if they want more help, they need to ask for it. It is definitely a balance between being supportive and being overbearing.

The bottom line is that qualifying prospects as to what they want from the business and what they expect from it and from you can go a long way to ensuring they at least get out of the starting gate. There is definitely a point where you have done what you can and should. The next step is up to the new consultant.

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