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Holiday shopping is in full-swing and the countdown has begun until Christmas is finally here. Hopefully by now, you have been busy booking parties, taking orders and making some money. With that said, just because it’s December 11th and Christmas is only days away, doesn’t mean that you should sit back & relax. Nope, there is still time for you to make some last-minute sales to new and established customers & party hosts!

Here are some tips that you can utilize right now to pull-in those last-minute sales!

  • Hold a Cash & Carry party at your home during the weekend hours. I used to hold mine on a Friday evening, Saturday afternoon and a Sunday afternoon for one weekend in early December every year. During this Cash & Carry party I would sell off a lot of my overstock items, lightly-used demonstration items or left-over booking gifts. Most of the time I sold these products for 40% to 70% to unload them before the holidays. (Holiday shoppers LOVE bargains!)
  • Host a regular party in your own home or a friend/family members home. Close out the party right away and get those orders submitted. Let guests know the delivery date and arrange delivery or pick-up the day AFTER the items arrive. Give your host a QUICK party turn-around!
  • Basket Parties or Trunk Parties are great at this time of the year if you sell cash & carry type of products. Spread the word that you will have some great sales specials going on if customers host a basket/trunk party. Offer them a quick turn-around on order placement and delivery.
  • A lot of Direct Sales companies offer BIG holiday sales and booking specials for the month of December and it’s your job to advertise them and capitalize on them. In addition, a LOT of companies realize that things slow down in early January and many of them release AWESOME booking specials and sales specials for the month of January. Heavily advertise those deals in December and get your booking calendar full for January.
  • Offer a “BUY NOW” and “Get Discount Later” type of coupon deal! I used to let my customers know that if they placed orders with me during the month of December, I would give them a coupon for 25% OFF their entire order if they redeemed that coupon during the month of January. By doing this, I was getting extra orders in January (right after the holidays were over) instead of having a typical slower business month.
  • Give FREE gift wrapping or gift bags to every customer who places an order with you during the month of December. This will help you to compete against those retail stores who offer free or low-cost gift wrapping services during the month of December. You can pick up gift bags and gift wrap at your local dollar store. (Ours sells 3 medium-sized holiday gift bags for $1.00 so that only cost me 33 1/3 cents per gift bag!)

This is a great time of the year for you to be out booking parties and selling products. As the Christmas holiday gets even closer, work really hard to advertise your business and to get that money that holiday shoppers are looking to spend!  ~ Happy Holidays!

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As a Direct Sales team leader, it is our job to motivate and encourage our group members to reach their business goals and to recognize their efforts for a job well done. When it comes to motivating your team, there are many little things you can do to provide that inspiration to them to strive for bigger and better things with their home business. Here are a few ideas that I like to use.

1. Emails - You can send daily or weekly motivational short stories, articles and business quotes to your group. To give it a personal connection, tack on a short story or quote that pertains to you and your business directly.

2. Books - These can be in-print or e-books. You could offer them as a reward by challenging your members to reach a certain business goal. Their obvious prize would be to receive the book for free.

3. Meetings and/or Chats - I suggest holding offline meetings or online chats for your downline group. I love attending my uplines meetings and chats as its a great way to learn new ideas, share with my fellow teammates and I get really motivated to continue to strive forward with my own home business.

It is equally important to recognize the efforts and accomplishments of your team members. Here are a few ideas that I like to utilize with my own group.

1. You could challenge your new teammate to obtain xyz amount in party sales and xyz amount in home party bookings during their first 30 days in the business. If they meet or exceed this challenge, offer them a reward. This can be a free product, free business supplies or a gift card.

2. Hold a monthly recruiting blitz for your team. You could reward the person who signed up the most new recruits with a prize.

3. Challenge your team to out-book you on home parties! This will motivate you and your team. A little healthy competition between you and your team is always a great motivator. If your team books more parties than you, reward them with a pizza party.

4. Its always fun to hold monthly personal sales challenges. You could reward every member who reaches xyz amount of sales that month with a prize or you could just award a prize to the member who had the highest sales for the month.

One of the most important jobs of a team leader is to motivate, support and recognize your teammates for a job well done. By recognizing them for their business efforts, it helps to build a stronger relationship with them. It lets them know that you appreciate them and their dedication to the business.

Shelly Hill has been working from home in Direct Sales since 1989 and is a Manager with Tupperware. Shelly has been leading her own Direct Sales team since 2003. You can visit Shelly online at for additional free business articles and Direct Sales tips.

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The Pampered Chef announced this week that interim CEO Doris Christopher is passing on management of the Berkshire Hathaway unit to Tracy Britt Cool, a top adviser to Berkshire Chairman Warren Buffett. Christopher, who founded The Pampered Chef in 1980 and currently serves as Chairman, has filled the position since December 2013.

Having joined Berkshire fresh out of Harvard Business School, Cool is in her fifth year at the company. As Financial Assistant to the Chairman, she helps oversee many of Berkshire’s operations—including The Pampered Chef, where for the past year she has served as an adviser to Christopher. In addition to her new role, Cool will remain Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway companies Benjamin Moore, Larson-Juhl, and Oriental Trading Company, as well as serve on the board of the H.J. Heinz Company.

“I couldn’t think of a better leadership duo at the helm of The Pampered Chef,” Buffett shared in a statement. “With Tracy’s experience helping Berkshire companies reach their full potential and Doris’ passion for both The Pampered Chef’s consultants and products, I see great things in the company’s future.”