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  • ClaudiaG features stunning designer leather handbags, trendy jewelry pieces and accessories that offer the modern woman a taste of luxury at an affordable price.
  • Irresistible, superbly crafted pieces merging fashion, design, and entrepreneurship in a very rewarding business opportunity.

With every purchase of a ClaudiaG product you are directly helping to sponsor a child with food and education. Spend $250, sponsor a child for an entire month!

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At ClaudiaG we take great pride in offering a highly flexible, entrepreneurial, home-based business model. Our products are sold exclusively through a dedicated team of Independent Consultants located throughout the United States. ClaudiaG handbags and accessories combine a sophisticated and sleek design aesthetic with luxurious leather, textures and fabrics. The impeccable attention to detail complemented by rich hues and signature hardware convey an individual feminine flair while possessing a classic silhouette, and set apart the ClaudiaG collections from other contemporary handbag designers. What better way to deliver these great products to our clients than by empowering and rewarding an amazing group of hard-working individuals that sell direct to customers while having a lot of fun doing so!


Sara Broadhurst
Founding Consultant



When you join a direct sales company part of the income opportunities that await you are team building. In other words, you can add to your income stream by recruiting other people to join your team and start a business with the home party plan company that you represent.

With most network marketing companies, recruiting others is not mandatory and is just an elective way that you can add additional income to your business. With that said, it is something that you should consider doing if you want to achieve big business success.

When talking to your potential leads you always want to retain your moral & business ethics. These days, I see recruiters telling people all kinds of lies to just get people to sign up on the dotted line. For those type of people, it is all about the numbers and not about the quality.

Here is what you should or shouldn’t be doing:

  • Always speak the truth! Never tell people that customers & party hosts will magically find them without them having to do any type of work.
  • Never tell people that they can get rich & make millions of dollars in this industry. That is simply not true for at least 99.9% of the people who get into network marketing.
  • When giving monetary amounts to your potential leads, always give them national averages…not the sales of the top earners within the company. By only revealing the TOP EARNERS, you are setting up your lead for failure, disappointment and regret once they join your home business.
  • Don’t force people to give you an answer RIGHT NOW! They deserve a little time to think about all of the information you have presented to them! If you put the “heat” on them too strongly, you will drive them in the opposite direction.
  • Make sure you tell all potential leads that they will have to “work” the business! They will have to put in the time and hard work for it to succeed. Nothing is handed to them on a silver platter, no matter how fantastic the products may be.
  • Don’t promise overnight success! It takes a lot of time, hard work & patience for a home business to grow and to succeed! Let them know it may take many weeks or several months before they start seeing the financial success that they want to achieve.

While it is important to go out there and recruit new members to your direct sales team…it is equally important to do it in an ethical and professional way. Team building is a great way to add to your income stream to help you to achieve financial freedom.

Shelly Hill has been working in Direct Sales for over 25+ years and owns the popular Work at Home Business Options web site at where Direct Sales consultants can get free business tips, read Direct Sales articles and get free business related resources geared towards those in Direct Sales.


During its Celebration 2015 salesforce convention this week, Isagenix International continued its annual tradition of raising funds for charitable partner Make-A-Wish. Associates and employees attending the San Diego event pledged more than $565,000 to grant wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions.

Arizona-based Isagenix has been supporting children’s charities for the past 11 years, to the tune of $6.2 million. Since partnering with Make-A-Wish in 2012, the health and wellness company has donated more than $3 million to the charity, helping to grant more than 425 wishes. In 2013, Isagenix received Make-A-Wish America’s prestigious Cause Champion Award for its outstanding contributions.

At this year’s Celebration, the crowd of 15,000 witnessed firsthand a wish come true for Tanika Hahn, a 10-year-old battling leukemia. Isagenix and Make-A-Wish staged a wish reveal for the young girl, who requested a backyard makeover complete with a zipline, stage, foam pit, and other play areas to help her stay active while undergoing treatments.