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Sales MOMS is looking for consultants who wish to build their downline and recruit online.  A lot of our visitors are looking for a business opportunity and are not sure where to start.

The Sales MOMS Network Blog would like to give them a starting point by featuring a weekly business opportunity that will showcase the company, products and business opportunity in a blog post that will be posted on, our Facebook ad Twitter social page and in our daily newsletter that is emailed to over 10,000 subscribers.

The cost is only $30.  You can read more about the Business Opportunity advertising and reserve it directly from our website at:

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During the holiday season many direct sales consultants will see an increase in their business and one thing you can do during the holiday season to generate even more customer sales is to come up with a Holiday Wish List Program that you share with your customers. How do you do this you might ask? Well, I am going to tell you!

You will need to print up some flyers with all of your business contact information on them along with an order form or area on the flyer so that you customers can make a list of the items they would love to receive as gifts for the holiday season. Have your customer fill it out with the item #, product description, price and have them rank the items in order of preference…like #1 nautical necklace #2 seashell earrings and so forth. In addition on this form have them list the name, address, email address and/or phone number of the person they want you to give the list to. (in most cases it is their significant other).

It is then your job to contact their “SO” and present the list to him/her so that they can do their holiday shopping with you for the items that the customer would like to receive as their holiday gift(s). It is an easy way for their “SO” to do their holiday shopping and get gifts for their “SO” that they want to receive.

An added bonus would be if you went to your local discount store and purchased some dollar gift wrap, cards, ribbons and/or gift bags and offer FREE or LOW-COST gift wrapping service to them. Once the items come in it is your job to deliver them to their “SO” so they have them in time to present to their “SO” come holiday time.

When I was in direct sales I did this each and every holiday season and it always generated additional product sales for me! Give it a try this holiday season and see for yourself!

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Before You Touch It, Spray It!… Naturally!

Anolyte H™ is the perfect all natural, non-toxic everyday companion for cleansing and promoting health and wellness by avoiding transmission of pathogens.


• Acceptable alternative to soap and water for hand hygiene
• Cleanses with only positive results
• Hydrates, alcohol-free
• Removes odors


• Keep in purse, car, schoolbag, diaper bag, briefcase, vanity, gym bag, golf bag, coat pocket, etc.
• Spray every surface before your touch it.
• Spray your hands frequently to cleanse as a safe alternative to soap and water.

Shelf Life: 18 Months

Tip: 2oz = 375+ sprays with each!

Cost is only $ 9.95!!!!

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Lorian Rivers
Brand Partner