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Running down the hall, with laptop in hand, scurrying to a meeting, in which I am already ten minutes late, while ducking around corners trying to dodge a bullying co-worker, right as I think I have successfully rescued myself, I try to maneuver my leg through the closing jaws of the elevator and then realized it was not my lucky day. While managing to turn to the bullying co-worker’s voice calling my name, I yank my leg from the shutting mouth of the elevator, placed a fake smile on my face and asked the question as if I had no place to be: How can I help you? And like always she poured out the longest list that she some how decided were my duties; of course they weren’t. By this time I was use to being the go-to person for just about anything that needed to get done. As I maneuvered through my tote bag looking for my day-runner to jot down the never-ending list, something happened. While rummaging through the bag and dropping my laptop to the floor, I stopped, looked at the bullying co-worker and informed her that there was no space to add anything extra to my busy schedule. I literally looked at her and answered “no” to her never-ending list. She was shocked. I was amazed and set free by the word “no.”

Many people loose sight of their time because they are always managing to make everyone else’s life a little bit easier. When we allow ourselves to constantly juggle priorities that aren’t ours to handle we are allowing others to control our time. And in situations like these the word “no” should become our very best friend. Learn to just say the word “no”. Some people like to measure success by how full their busy schedules are. Some people also think a constant hustle and bustle of life means they actually have a life. However, this way of thinking is not a good measure of success. If you say, “yes” to doing five different things how effective will you be to get at least one done in a timely manner without running yourself tired? It is more effective to choose one or two projects and see them through. When you are asked to lead something or do something and you really know you cannot give a definite yes, learn to say, “yes” to saying “no”.

If you value your self- importance on how much people need you, saying “no” maybe a task. The motive is not to remove you from working on your good-deeds by assisting others but be very selective before you volunteer your time.

It is so important that you learn not to over extend yourself. No one will value your time the way you will. Learn to say “no” in a pleasant way. Of course some people will be offended but you know exactly what you can handle at that time. It is up to you to control your time. Learn to say “no”. Here are a number of ways you can say “yes” to saying “no.”

Ways to say the word “no”

1. “I do apologize, I can’t dedicate the time that is needed.”
2. “That is a great idea, I just have too much on my plate right now.”
3. I would like to assist you but right now I have several projects that I need to complete.”
4. Suggest a quick solution to the problem or an idea, do not suggest anyone else’s time to complete the task.

Learn to value your time by considering your priorities first. In order for you to follow-through with other people’s agenda you must first prioritize your agenda.

Jennifer DeAnna is a Life Coach and founder of Ladies Stand, an online mini-read that empowers ladies to take a stand in business, personal and faith development. Jennifer DeAnna also offers group and individual coaching sessions. For more information log onto and


A group of businesswomen within the direct selling industry is coming together to bring entrepreneurial opportunities to women in developing countries.

Women United for Change is made up of direct selling entrepreneurs looking to leverage their own success to empower women worldwide. In its flagship effort, the group is partnering with Project Concern International (PCI), a nonprofit working in some of the poorest communities in Asia, Africa and the Americas. PCI’s initiatives are geared toward preventing disease and transforming communities through sustainable development.

Women United for Change is backing the organization’s global Women Empowered (WE) initiative, which invests in women as agents of economic and social change. Prior to this week’s official launch, the leaders of Women United for Change had already raised more than $100,000 in support of WE.

“The women in network marketing and direct sales have a great deal of influence and a strong desire to make a difference in the lives of others,” Sonia Stringer, a business coach and one of the founders of Women United for Change, shared in a statement. “We are women whose lives have been transformed through entrepreneurship, so it’s only fitting that we help women in need transform their lives by building businesses of their own.”

WE works within communities by forming self-managed and self-sustaining savings groups, which receive up to 18 months of in-depth training. As the women develop confidence and leadership skills, the training also supports them in starting and growing a micro-business.


Congratulations on starting your own MLM business. What an exciting time it is for you.

It is also the most dangerous time in your business. This is truly the time when success or failure is determined.

What do I mean by that?

Simple, if you don’t start your business off with the right actions, you will quickly become discouraged and frustrated with you lack of results and quit. On the other hand if you start off doing the right things and seeing results it will encourage you and you will keep on going and achieving more and more success.

So what are the 5 best actions that you can take in the beginning so that you get results?

  1. Create Your Warm Market Action Plan – Starting with your warm market or people that you know is usually one of the best ways to start (unless of course absolutely everyone you know is mean, negative, critical and wouldn’t support you even if your life depended upon it.)

Create for yourself a list of 50 to 100 people that are family, friends, coworkers, you go to school with, neighbours or people that you see all the time.

One of the great things about your warm market is that you get to practice your sales and recruiting skills on people who are safe and love you even if you mess it all up.

Here is something to be careful of. Don’t have unrealistic expectations about the results that you are going to get. Sometimes, everyone you talk to will be supportive and buy your product or even join your team and sometimes they won’t. Everyone is different and expecting people you know to support you just because you joined this company puts undo stress on the relationship.

Talk to them about your business to practice and get you skills better, but if they are not interested just let it go and don’t let it affect your relationship with you.

  1. Get Your Sales Material Out Or Book Your First Show – Depending on how our company works you are going to want to get your brochures out to people as quickly as possible or book your home party right away and start inviting people so that you can start getting sales right away.

The quicker that you do these two things, the quicker you will get sales and the more likely you are to achieve the success that you want from your business.

Remember that this is a business and if you want results you have to take action. No action = no results.

  1. Follow Up – I can guarantee you if you don’t do follow up your business will fail. Whether it is checking with people that you gave a brochure or sample to find out if they want to order anything, to inviting and confirming who is coming to your home party, to following up with people who are interested in joining your team to see if the time is right, if these actions are not done you will not see results.

It today’s busy society people need reminders and you will lose out on hundreds of dollars in sales and lots of team members if you do not make these calls or emails, (phone calls are always the best.)

  1. Learn Simple Scripts To Prospect With – Ultimately, your business is only going to grow as you learn to prospect people that you do not know. You warm market is great to help you start your business, but if actually want a business that grows and reaches the level where you are making the money that you want then you need to learn quickly how to talk to your cold market or people that you do not know

The great thing is this is simple to do. Check out How To Recruit 100 People In 6 Months. This is a free Ebook that you can get at also you will have an opportunity to access my free video series that will show you how to prospect.

  1. Get Out There And Prospect – The sooner that you get out there and start prospecting people you do not know the more likely you are to achieve success. Yes, it can be scary at first, but remember that the more that you practice the easier it becomes, the more results you get and the more money that you make.

The other thing to remember is that the only person who knows if you make a mistake is you.

There you go, five things that if you start doing right away will help you create the success and financial freedom that you want for you and your family.

To Your Success,
Kim Thompson-Pinder