Did you know that keeping a customer database is one of the best ways to organize your business as well as regenerate existing clients?

Keeping a Database with your clients’ informatino will enable you to:

  • Send clients monthly updates on specials and promotions
  • Get clients excited about Holiday products and offers
  • Send discounts on Birthdays and special occassions
  • Open doors to communication, inviting clients to come on board as consultants in your downline

Important Notes to include in your database:

  • Name, Phone, Address, E-Mail, Birthdays
  • Special Notes – keep track of what your clients ordered so you can follow up with detailed information.
  • Find out if your clients want to be contacted by email/phone/mail for new products/specials/customer rewards programs, etc.

Keeping track of your clientele is an excellent way to keep existing customers excited about your products as well as jumpstarting new leads.

Take a simple contact form to each of your parties to have everyone complete while they are waiting.  Once you have all of the information in one place, you can add it to your personal database. 

Try it at your next party and see how you can jumpstart your business and cultivate friendships at the same time.

Good Luck!