A big Congratulations to our 5 winners of the book “The Skinny on Direct Sales”. 

  1. chocolatengiggles
  2. Judy
  3. Jennifer  Pasalakis
  4. Dana
  5. Michelle

The Skinny on Direct Sales is an invaluable resource for direct sales professionals either embarking on their direct sales career or those who have already entered this exciting world and need a little insight or motivation. The Skinny on Direct Sales will help professionals create a 100 day plan of success. It outlines the pitfalls that other direct sales folks have overcome. It is a great motivator, advises on good selling skills and applying the guidelines will help develop a foundation for success. The book concludes with ten practical tips these professionals should follow to ensure a long and healthy career in direct sales.

The Skinny on book series is quickly gaining popularity for its comprehensive analysis of topical subjects, told in an entertaining story format. Illustrated and easily read in 1 hour, each subject is explored through the lives of Billy and Beth – normal in all respects except one: they just happen to be stick people