Let’s face it, most women didn’t start out with direct sales as a career goal, I know I didn’t. I did not start my working life with a degree in direct sales. I had no idea it even existed but somehow the women in direct sales did discover it, saw the potential and love it!

Here are five reasons why I love direct sales.

1. It allows me to do my own time management. Exactly what does this mean to me? It means that I can get up early or late. It means that I can have lunch with my friends…for two hours. When my grandchildren would like to go to the zoo or the park, I can take them.

2. I can work from anywhere. As long as I have access to a phone and the internet, I can work. Imagine the freedom of not being tied to a desk, a time clock and an office!

3. I can use my own creativity. What do I mean by that? Well, if I have an idea I can use it! There is no boss to tell me it’s a bad idea, it needs work, or have you thought this through? Only to find the boss has used it as his idea. There are women in direct sales from all walks of life, the confidence that independent thinking and implementation of those ideas bring is very liberating and powerful.

4. I can set my own salary. I have no cap on my earnings. I determine what I make by how much time and effort I invest in myself. The potential is unlimited and only limited by me.

5. I can give back to the community and I assist many people achieve their own goals and dreams. What could be better than giving back, when you have so many riches… and not just monetary. I look forward to each new day knowing it will be filled with new possibilities.

Women in direct sales can be very successful because it allows the flexibility that is needed when you are dealing with a busy household. The family benefits because there is no need for day care for your children. We, the women in direct sales, love what we do.

Barb Hauge is an online business owner who offers new and experienced entrepreneurs the secrets of how to succeed and a comprehensive online marketing education. Apply directly to become part of Barb’s entrepreneurial team at http://barbarahauge.net. Learn more about Barb and how she can help you. http://barbarahauge.com.

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