If you own a business whether online, offline, big or small, every business needs leads.

Not only do you want more customers but you want repeat customers to buy again and again. And happy customers to refer your business to others.

What is your plan for attracting more leads?

Will you use paid advertising? Print or online? What is the cost of the advertising? If you’re selling $10 candles or other low-end products, would it make sense to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on ads?

Most party plan consultants are part-timers or seasonal. Few are in the business to build it big. You need to consider the return on your investment if you’re using paid ads.

As an independent consultant, your marketing budget is limited. Consider leveraging free online resources to build your business.
Think about how you want to spend your time and how you’re going to attract qualified leads. Determine what makes the most economical sense for you.

Here are some tips on attracting more leads to your party plan business:

Everybody is not your customer. You must narrow your target market – define your ideal customer – and focus on attracting their attention.
This means, know where they hang out online and go marketing where they are.

#1 Go marketing where your prospects are. Specifically, if your target audience are party planners, sign up for niche groups in direct sales. You’ll find hundreds of niche groups on Ning.com.

Join and participate in the conversation. Set up a profile. Add a RSS feed so your blog updates are posted automatically.

#2 Paid online advertising. If you’re using paid advertising, consider ads that are targeted to your niche: home party plan directories.

These directories are visited by women and stay-at-home-moms that might be interested in a part-time opportunity with your company. Depending on what your niche is, consider advertising that fits the demographics you’re aiming for.

#3 Free lead generation with content creation. This is my favorite strategy. Not only it’s free publicity but there are countless benefits from using content creation from writing articles.

It’s not the newest or sexiest of all the marketing strategies but it works and this method delivers targeted and consistent traffic which means new leads to your party plan business.

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