These tips for direct selling reveal direct sales booking tips to increase your direct sales bookings. Tips for setting sales appointments, appointment setting, and setting appointments while prospecting for sales.

By Kristie Rimmele

If you are ever feeling “stuck” in your direct sales business, here is a great list of ideas to help you with direct sales bookings while you find new leads and prospects for your home party business.

1) FRANK – That stands for Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances, and Kids (who your kids know). Most of us have at least 200 hundred people in our network thru our family, job, and connections in the community. Make a list of everyone you know using FRANK and you’ll be surprised at what you come up with! Contacts your FRANK list and work on setting appointments with them.

2) Put a business card and a coupon in your bills when you pay them. You never who who might need what you have to offer. Imagine setting sales appointments while paying your bills. Very cool!

3) Shop, Smile, and Share – you can pick up new customers everywhere you go. While you are shopping, getting gas, and running errands, just be friendly, smile, and start conversations. If you have a free promo item or sample you can give out, that’s a great ice breaker. Then get their contact information and offer to send them a free catalog.Before you know it, it may turn into a direct sales booking.

4) Distribute flyers and business cards to Apartment Complexes. Put an incentive like a gift certificate, discount, or free offer to get them to call you! The residents may contact you for setting sales appointments.

5) Post a flyer on bulletin boards at grocery stories, the local college, church directories, doctor waiting rooms, laundrymats and other public places. You can create little precut tabs at the bottom with your phone number that they can rip off to call you asking about appointment setting to learn more.

6) Hotel lobby show – offer to do a free sampling or show for all hotel guests for a certain day and split the sales with the hotel. It makes the hotel manager look like a super star because he is pampering his guests with a fun and special event. Plus, it’s a money maker for them. And you can pick up quite a few new customers and set direct sales bookings that way.

7) Donate raffle prizes – keep your ears open with BNI groups, Chambers, and other networking groups are having a raffle or fundraiser. Donate a beautiful basket full of prizes. Place stickers on all items with your contact info so if the winner likes a product, they will know how to order more from you. Add a business card with the bow so they know how donated the prize from your direct selling business.

8) Always ask for referrals when you deliver an order to a customer. Ask, “Who else do you know that might be interested in getting a free sample or trial of our product?” Then listen. You might want to incent the customer that if they give you 3 names, you’ll give them a special gift or gift certificate as your way of saying thanks. Turn that into setting appointments and you are ahead of the game.

9) Anytime you are at a cash register paying, hand a sample product or a $10 gift certificate and say, “Here’s a little gift for you because you were so nice.” Make sure your contact information is on the gift.

10) Employee Appreciation day – offer to do a free educational workshop for a company, bank, or other organization. If it’s okay with the company, you can hand out catalogs and/or sell product at the end. Just make sure to deliver value and make the selling be really low key.
This Direct Selling Article by Kristie Rimmele – Speaker, Author, and Online Business Expert, Kristie Rimmele. She is the author of several books including "I Love My Life: A Mom’s Guide to Working from Home" and a contributing author to the upcoming book, "More Build it Big: 101 Insider Secrets from Direct Selling Experts" by Dearborn Publishing.