My twin daughters must have been on a few direct sales training courses. They have perfected one of the most simple but powerful sales closing techniques that makes them the best closers in the world. At only four and a half years old they have already learned the priceless lesson that “No” doesn’t always mean “No!”

I’ll give you an example.

When they come to me to ask for something and my first answer is “No” they immediately ask “Why?”

It might be that I’m in the middle of something important and I need stop what I’m doing to get them something that they want so they realise that maybe I didn’t really mean “No, end of story”, I just meant “No, not at the moment”.

If I say “No because…..” I have now given them an objection to overcome and believe me, children are the best closers in the world when it comes to overcoming objections and getting what they want. They have perfected the art of closing and can use some of the most powerful sales closing techniques you will ever come across!

They will start by asking the same question from different angles until I have run out of reasons to say no.

They have also already learned to start by asking for more than they actually want.

For example if they wanted a pony, they’ll start by asking for a horse knowing that they can always negotiate down to a pony or at worst riding lessons!

And when all else fails and they still can’t close me into a yes, they will start their sales closing techniques all over again with Mum.

So what can we learn from this story to make ourselves better closers?

  • 1.Don’t be afraid of the word “No” ( It might just mean “No not at the moment”)
  • 2.Never accept a “No” without asking “Why” and if they can’t give you the reason “Why” then the initial “No” might just have been a defence reaction. Dig deeper and find out the “why”.
  • 3.When you get the why out into the open you now have a genuine objection to overcome and you can start using your closing techniques again to overcome the real objection.
  • 4.Find several ways of asking the same question to slowly break down the sales defence barriers.
  • 5.Ask for a bigger deal you can always negotiate down to an affordable option later when you have got it down to just the money.
  • 6.Remember that when one person has said “No” it doesn’t always mean that their partner agrees with them and they could help to close the deal for you by putting their point of view over to the negative partner, so always trial close all people that are present on the presentation.

Lastly, children are such powerful closers because they focus 100% on what they want and they will not be swayed until they get it.

Nothing else exists in their heads until they have got what they wanted.

We all need to learn to focus 100% on getting the deal every time and when we do a direct sales presentation there should be nothing else in our heads until the sale is made and the contract is signed.

Then we can start to think about how we are going to spend all the money we are now making!

So if you want to start closing more deals and making more sales, get back to basics, think like a child trying to get an icecream and start using some of their powerful sales closing techniques!

Alan Roy Hocking Author, Professional Sales Trainer and Independent Marketing Consultant posts regular Sales Training Articles at: Professional Sales Training Online for Todays Sales Professionals who have already learned you can never stop learning.