Recruiting people into your team is a great means of extra income in a direct sales or MLM type business. When I first started adding team members and recruiting in my direct sales business, I took it so personally when a recruit quit or went inactive. It would make me really think that I was ineffective and I would ask myself, can I continue to live with them? Would I be better off without recruiting? But after some time, I finally learned a few things. One – it is not my fault and Two – It was their choice.

  • They chose the business based on their likes and dislikes.
  • They chose to ask questions, or not.
  • They chose to respond to emails or phone calls, or not.
  • They chose to work the business, or not.

You, as their team leader, cannot work the business for them. They chose the business, for whatever reason and it is their business. We can only guide them and offer to help when needed. If we are there when they need us, then that is awesome. If we can give out some worthwhile tips and lend a helping hand, then we do the best we can. Other than that, you can’t make them stay.

We cannot beat ourselves up for someone that chooses to leave or that chooses to not accept your help. Remember that people are at different levels in the direct sales business. Some of them don’t need a leader at all. Some may seem to need a friend more than business help. Some of them really can use all the help you can give.

So what can we do as leaders to keep our recruiting efforts worthwhile, even for those that do not want to be “lead”? Well, perhaps several things.

  • Make sure they get the training they need.
  • Make sure they have access to the selling tools and information on the company side
  • Make sure that they know you are available and when.
  • Make sure you check with those that are silent every few weeks or once a month, just in case.
  • Be open to learning from others

By offering your help, assistance, time and expertise, you are really doing all that you can to train and help your team succeed. If they choose not to accept your knowledge and assistance, then that is on them. Being an ethical, caring leader speaks volumes in this business and it hurts when people leave our organization. But remember, sometimes it is hard to live with them and even harder to live without them.

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