When it comes to boosting sales, you have to be fun and approachable to maintain a great audience and get them excited to buy, buy buy!

For this reason, a home party plan game is a great idea to get people involved and get them in the mood to put money in your pockets. Even better, your crowd is more likely to return for another home party when you make them fun and engaging for everyone rather than a boring sales pitch.

Fun Party Game

Try this fun game at your next home party plan and see how it helps to boost your sales and retain a great customer base.

At your next home party, have each individual in attendance put their name and contact information into a hat. You will then draw a name at random, and this person will choose a product from your display or choose a topic of your service and present it to the crowd as an impromptu sales pitch for two minutes.

When they are done, they then get to draw a name out of the hat, and the next person in line gets to do the same thing with another product or service of their choice, and so on until the entire crowd gets a turn being a consultant.

Party Sales Increase With Testimonials

What makes this home party plan game fun is that it gets people involved, and people get to use their minor knowledge to create a funny sales pitch that gets everyone else in the room to relax and get in the mood.

It is almost like a testimonial… your guests will believe their friends before they believe you!

Encourage goofy sales pitches to lighten the mood of the room, and allow everyone involved to use their own creative style to come up with a truly quirky way to promote the products and services they will be buying.

Your crowd will have so much fun playing your role at random that they will be more than excited to put a product or service in their pocket.

Share Your Company Opportunity

Another benefit is that they get to try your product or service on a whole new level and from a new perspective. When you get your audience involved in the physical aspect of promotion in fun home party ways, they get to feel more personally involved with what you are selling, which makes them that much more eager to jump on board and buy.

Who knows? You may just see some true talent in these presentations as well, and find yourself recruiting your next team member to help you promote your business.

This game is a fun win-win for everyone involved.

Make sure our party plan games are FUN. If it is not fun you will never get bookings.

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