If you operate an online business, you probably realize the role that email plays in your marketing, customer service and online relations. Email is absolutely essential to online communication. Unfortunately, few business writers realize the importance of creating professional email messages. Here are some simple tips to help you create clean, effective email that will give you a more polished and professional image in the eyes of your prospects, clients, suppliers and colleagues.

  • Include an appropriate subject – Your subject is important to get your recipient to open your message. Make sure it fits what’s inside. Also, choose your subject words carefully. Many email programs, such as Microsoft Outlook, filter junk email through the subject as well as the message body.
  • Consider what you want to say before you begin – Unless you’re jotting an informal note to a friend, you need to carefully think about what you want to say before you write the first word. This is especially true if your message is intended to elicit a response from the recipient. Use all the rules of good grammar and good writing that you know and make your message clear.
  • Keep your message short – Many people pay for limited email access, so long messages can cost them money. It’s better to keep your messages short and offer the reader a chance to request more information than to risk them discarding a message they consider too long to read.
  • Use caution when sending attachments – For fear of contracting a computer virus, some people discard messages containing attachments without even opening them. If you must send an attachment, check it for viruses before sending, then let your recipient know that you’ve checked it for viruses. Remember, too, that large attachments take a long time to download and can be frustrating to an unsuspecting recipient, so you may want to notify them before sending a file that can tie up their computer for an extended time.
  • Provide contact information – If you need your reader to call or email you in return, be sure to provide the proper phone number, email address, etc. Don’t simply assume that they will hit “reply” to the message you’re sending. Give them easy access to any information they may need.
  • Proofread! – Be sure to read over your message carefully and check your spelling and grammar before hitting the “send” key. Also check that any attachments are included and that the email address is correct.

Following these simple guidelines will help you create more effective email that will make your online image shine in the eyes of your recipients.

Darlene ‘Dee’ Bishop is a professional writer with over 30 years experience crafting ready-to-publish content, PLR, and custom articles for online businesses.

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