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When I was leading my own Direct Sales team, one question that I was often asked was, “How often should I update the demonstration products that came in my consultant business kit?” so today, I thought I would answer that for all of you.

First let me start by saying this…If the company you are joining offers different sized consultant business kits at different price points, I recommend going for the biggest one that you can afford. When you purchase mini kits, you only get a handful of products to show around and studies have shown that the more you show, the more you sell. While you don’t have to get the most expensive kit, I do suggest getting a moderately priced “middle-of-the-road” kit.

Next, every time your company updates their product line with new products or comes out with a new catalog, you will need to purchase a few new products. No one expects you to purchase all of the new products but it’s in your best “business interest” to invest in a few of them. During big product line–up changes and new seasonal catalog releases, I always recommended that my consultants invest in 4 to 5 new products.

With that said, you should be adding a few products to your demonstration line-up every month. I recommend adding a minimum of two products to your line-up every month so that you are growing your “business inventory” which you show to others.

You can budget for all of this by setting aside 10% of your commission every month so that you have money to continually invest in demonstration products and paper business supplies (like catalogs and order forms).

Guests who attend home parties and hosts who book them…expect to see new products at every show they host or attend. Guests who attended Jane’s party in March and is now attending Sue’s party in early May…wants to see a few new items and not the same things you showed up 8 weeks earlier. Get my point? Of course you do!

You are just like the neighborhood retail store…you need to continually be introducing new & fresh products to those who attend your parties and to those who host parties from you. Keeping your inventory fresh, new and exciting, is a very worthy business investment!

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