A couple of weeks ago I attended a jewelry home party that my friend Renee had booked from a family relative of hers. I love jewelry and I wanted to support my friend Renee who was having her very first direct sales home party. The party she booked was from her cousin who is a jewelry consultant that has been in direct sales for a little over a year. (the consultant is not a newbie, but is a struggling consultant).

Anyway, I was told by Renee that the party would last for an hour and then 30 minutes for mingling and ordering. Okay, great! A 90 minute party, I can fit that in my busy weekend schedule.

I arrived at the party about 20 minutes before it started. The consultant who I will call “Jane” started the party on-time. Well, this particular jewelry demonstration and party lasted for almost 2 1/2 hours! I swear this girl demonstrated about 25 pieces of jewelry, played 4 or 5 games and just talked, and talked!

There were 10 guests at the party, plus the party host. This was not a huge crowd of people and 2 1/2 hours was entirely too long for a home party presentation.

I counted 4 ladies leaving the party after 1 hour because they had “other” things to do, so that left 6 of us. By the time the second hour ended, another 2 guests excused themselves and exited the party. By the time this consultant wrapped up her presentation, there were 4 of us left, including the host! Oh my gosh, I felt so bad for my friend Renee!

When your parties run-on too long, guests get tired, distracted or just “plain” leave. People lead very busy lives, especially on a weekend when most consider that their “family-time”. You can not drag out a home party presentation for a group of 11 guests for 2 1/2 hours. It simply does NOT work!

I can see why Renee’s cousin is having an issue getting home party bookings. No host wants to give up 2 1/2 to 3 hours of their time, plus the time of their party guests on a busy weekend for a home show. This consultant definitely needs to “fine tune” her demonstration skills and get it down to an hour or 75 minutes at most!

Long, time-consuming home parties in this day-in-age, definitely do not work for the majority of party hosts out there. You need to keep your demonstrations brief and to-the-point! Let your party host know upfront how long your demonstration will be and how long you think the party will be from start-to-finish (including ordering and mingling time).

If you keep your party presentation time limited, direct and fun, you will definitely get more party bookings than a consultant who drags out 2 and 3 hour long party demonstrations.

Article Source: http://www.workathomebusinessoptions.com

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