There’s a new disease that’s spreading like wild fire, it’s causing people to say they are going to do things and then put them off for long periods of time. During this time the individual starts to get knots in their stomach and stressed out by all they have to do so they continue to put it off and it just makes them sicker. Their mind is running rampant with thoughts of there not being enough time, no one to help them and making excuses that causes this disease get even worse & spread to those around them.

This disease has been diagnosed and is call procrastination. It has taken over the world by disabling people from achieving the success they long to have in their life and business.

Have you ever noticed that when you asked people who suffer from this disease “What’s holding you back” they NEVER answer “Procrastination”? It’s usually a list of excuses that they feel are viable reasons, unless of course they are talking to me and then for some reason they say “That sounds stupid, when I say it to you”.

To Start on The Road to Recovery, Here are 5 Steps:

1. Do it NOW! Procrastination is the KILLER of success and if you truly want to achieve the highest level of success you have set out for yourself, you have to DO IT NOW! Whatever “IT” is for you, because if you wait, you won’t do it, you’ll second guess yourself or worse, you’ll make excuses. One of my favorite quotes is, “You can make excuses or you can make money, you cannot do both”. I can promise you, that you will feel so much better and less overwhelm when you just GET IT DONE. Even when you feel like your “Reason not To” is good enough, DO IT ANYWAYS, no excuse is good enough, even if you believe it is.

2. Eliminating Negative Self Talk! How you talk to yourself is 90% of your success. So when you think “Ugh, I’m not as good at doing parties as she is so that’s why I’m not booking as many” that’s going to KILL your momentum for booking parties. You have to be your own best cheerleader and know that there’s ALWAYS room to grow and you are going to support yourself through that growth. Have fun with yourself, laugh at yourself, because if you cannot treat yourself with respect, no one else will either. A great way to do this is to build your Learn & Grow Library.

3. Learn & Grow! You have to have enough good flowing in, for the good to flow out of you. Building a LARGE “Learn & Grow” library is the first step in changing your behavior towards yourself and others. Read 15 pages in a self-help book EVERY day and at the end of 30 days, you will be AMAZED at how much you’ve grown.

4. Live in day tight compartments: In Napoleon Hill’s book “How to Start Worrying and Start Living” he talks about living in “Day Tight” compartments. So often people are worried about what’s going to happen at the end of the month that they aren’t doing anything in the present to make sure that when the end of the month gets here, there’s a different outcome. When you are stuck dwelling on the past or worrying about the future, your present passes you by so your future becomes your same past problems. READ THAT AGAIN: When you are stuck dwelling on the past or worrying about the future, your present passes you by so your future becomes your same past problems. The only way to STOP this perpetuating cycle is to learn from the past, secure the present while building for the future. When your thoughts are on the solution, then you don’t have time for the “What if’s” and the “Why it won’t works”.

5. Power saving mode to recharged full power! Rearrange the order of importance in your life and things will fall into place. Most times women are running around like a chicken with their head cut off, full of overwhelm and when they finally stop to look themselves in the eye, they don’t even recognize who they are anymore. Here’s a quick way to go from power-saving mode to peak personal power. Change your order of importance as follows….

  • You are #1: Hour of power every day and a “ME” day (3 hours+) once per week.
  • Your Partner is #2: Date nights, quality time outside the house to reconnect
  • Your Kids #3: Family night, homework, quality time, etc.
  • Everything Else: Your business and everything else goes here.

This order of importance may be out of the comfort zone that you’re used to, but if you TRUST me, you will find that there will be a symmetry in all aspects of your life when you change the who’s most important.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read “Feel The FEAR and Go For It Anyways” 5 Tips to get out of your own way and stop making excuses, FINALLY by Power Coach Alishia!

Bio: Alishia Willardson is the CEO of FUN & Passion!!!! She has an infectious personality & is exciting to be around! She has a huge heart which fuels her passion for inspiring women to live life & perform at their Peak Personal Power!  Over the last 6 years Alishia has been empowering women through speaking, coaching & training. Her main focus is helping Direct Sells/Home Party Consultant Leaders & Spa Owners get Rapid Results with a purpose and develop Massive Action Plans for success.

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