When it comes to training team members in the direct selling party business there are several important points all consultants should know. It is often difficult to remember each point and easy to forget some of the seemingly smaller ones because of everything else that must be done before any type of direct sales show. That is why it is a good idea to provide your direct sales consultants with a checklist they can use when aiding hostesses in preparing for a show.

Each direct sales party consultant should be taught how to help the host properly prepare for a show. This includes making sure she or he has enough catalogs, verifying all products are ready and in place, and helping with the overall set up of the event. This is especially important if the host has never been involved in a home party plan event. The idea is to make that host feel as comfortable as possible before the very first show which will make the guests feel more comfortable as well. Comfortable guests are more likely to purchase products.

The consultant should always recognize the host during the show for all the preparation for the event. This will serve as encouragement and will let the host know that she or he is moving in the right direction.

Motivation For Your Direct Selling Party Host
When a guest at a show decides to become a host, the party plan consultant should always provide a host packet that very night and go through it thoroughly to ensure a successful show. This is a perfect example of on-the-spot promoting and will work wonders. Taking the time to go through the packet with the prospective host at the show will demonstrate vested interest the consultant is taking, which will help the ball start rolling more quickly.

The direct sales consultant should always inform the host of how the credits from the show can be used. Knowing the options can make a big difference in a host’s future in home party planning and will make the overall process easier to understand.

When a consultant discusses party plan techniques with a guest wishing to book an show, that consultant should ask that the guest list be returned within three or four days. Write that date down on the guest list so the prospective hostess will remember to follow through.

If the consultant does not receive the guest list on the requested date it is important to call the prospective host. Sending a card works well as a reminder as well.

When the consultant receives a guest list that contains less than 20 names, it is a good idea to call the prospective host to further discuss a strategy for attendance and sales. The more people who attend demonstration the better because attendance can add up to sales in a hurry.

A consultant should also make the host aware of the monthly specials so the information can be relayed to direct sales show guests. The more information the host has, the more questions she or he will be able to answer before, during and after the event takes place.

When your home party plan consultants practice some simple tips and techniques they will have hostesses that have more customers at every show so that they can make more money! Watch a host coaching video on that will teach your team how to get guests to every party. Learn more direct sales party training here.

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