You’ve been working hard and really enjoying your job with your direct sales company.  Your passion has become contagious and you’ve finally got a recruit!  Now what do you do?  In order to grow your team you want to provide training and support that your “downlines” need, or at least make sure they know where to get it within the company.

  • Have them familiarize themselves with your products and company website.  This includes everything from the checkout process to the back office.
  • Make sure they have pertinent company information.  A new consultant will need access to the current policies and procedures, commission structures, and basic “rules of the road”.
  • Share your sales and recruiting tips.  Share articles and websites that have been helpful for you in your business.  Have a fun party game that everyone always enjoys?  Let them try it, they may come up with a variation that works even better!
  • Talk about your passion.  What made you join your direct sales company?  And what keeps you there?  What are your favorite products?
  • Let them know your availability.  You want to make yourself available, but you do need to set limits for family time.  Let them know the best time and way to reach you, as well as how to reach the company for support.
  • Help them with their launch party.  Whether it is an online party or home party, you want to walk them through it step-by-step.  A successful launch party will encourage them in their endeavor.

Listen to comments and questions.  When you get caught up in the day to day operations, you don’t remember what it was like to be a newbie.  Sometimes the best suggestions come through fresh eyes.  Consider creating a Facebook group for your team, where you can share announcements and ideas and your team can get to know each other.  Team incentives are always a plus, for recruiting or sales, and they could be more affordable items like business cards from Vista Print, business supplies, or small items available from your company.

Nicole Darcy is a stay-at-home-mom and is also a Founding Consultant at WildFlower Designs, LLC.  You can visit her blog, Just a Salesmom, at

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