Become A Real Time Pain Relief Reseller!

In July of 1998, Real Time Pain Relief was sold at its first ever event…..13 years later, Real Time Pain Relief has been sold at literally thousands of events across America and in over 20 foreign countries.

During our first 12 years we excelled at selling our product at Flea Markets, Gun Shows, Health Fairs, and many other types of events. These shows were staffed with RTPR family members and employees. We are proud to say, a profit was made at every event we attended.

That’s right; we have never had a losing day!

In January 2011 we realized, with over 100 MILLION people in America suffering from chronic pain and over 50,000 Event Days each month around the country, we need to start enlisting Resellers to help us more effectively penetrate this HUGE market by covering these types of events in their local area.

Why are Real Time Pain Relief Resellers so successful?

We provide a complete training guide to our resellers so they know how to be successful from their FIRST day! Additionally, we have FREE weekly online training classes for our resellers!

smells great

Real Time Pain Relief is “The BEST SMELLING, most EFFECTIVE rub-on pain relief on the market!” It not only smells great it is an amazing product that gives “Relief in Minutes”!

Over 100 Million Americans (1 in 3) live in chronic pain from arthritis, back aches and muscle strains and Real Time Pain Relief is fast … its effectiveness is established within minutes and for those people, quick results matter!

There is NO signup fee! Get started with as little as $100 Reseller Kit worth $450. There is no monthly quota to be a reseller. Back office and 10 websites FREE! National Ad Campaign no charge to Resellers! 25 Free leads in the startup kit. Earn 20% of all retail sales from your websites.

We give our resellers a 100% mark-up. They really like the fact that for every dollar that they put in they can take two out … as often as they desire to do it!!!

Real Time Pain Relief
Lorian Rivers – Gold Vendor