There are times in your life when you just need to take a few weeks off on running your Direct Sales home business. This could be because of an illness, death in the family, the holidays or just some other type of family or personal issue.

Once you are ready to start up your business again (or just get back into it), many consultants will find it over-whelming and many are not sure where to begin. Today, we are going to reinforce the basics of what you need to be doing to promote your home business.

1. If you have been “out of the loop” for several weeks or months, I suggest touching base with your upline manager. Contact him/her to get all of the latest company news, sales specials, booking specials, recruiting specials and make sure you have your company’s correct catalog in-hand.

2. Once you are up-to-speed on what is going on with your company…it is time to reconnect with all of your past party hosts and customers. You can do this by mailing off new catalogs, postcards with your website & contact information on them or better yet, pick up the phone and call them. It is extremely import to reconnect with all of them as soon as you possibly can!

3. Draft up a new marketing plan! Come up with a list of how you can market your business offline and another list for how you can market your business online. This marketing plan should be targeted at finding new party hosts, new customers and new team members. Every week, work on a new marketing task from your list and cross it off once completed. If you have a lot of time on your hands, work on two or three marketing tasks every week!

4. Get Involved! To really “pump up your business” get out there and get involved with other Direct Sales professionals. You can join offline and/or online networking groups and team-up with them! You can help to organize local events, attend networking business vendor events, and all kinds of business-worthy other things. Networking with others within your same niche can really help to explode your business, so it’s worth your time and effort.

5. Attend your company’s local and national events, and attend your upline’s personal sales force meetings. I can not “stress” this enough and I know most direct sales consultants don’t attend them for one reason or another. However, these company events and team meetings are there to help you achieve business success. While you may not be able to attend them all, you should be trying to attend as many that you can.

Getting your business back on track after taking some time off, will take some time. Just like a brand new consultant to Direct Sales, you will need to start at the beginning and work forward on all of your marketing, advertising and customer service tasks. However, if you put the “time” and “effort” into it, you can get your business up and rolling again.

Article Source:  Work at Home Business Options

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