Welcome to my Clever Container business, where organizing just got fun!

Over 90% of Americans say organization is a top priority, and they spend $4.36 million per year to prove it!   At Clever Container we’re all about organizing, functionality, ideas, and fun! We have fabulous products to help you organize your home, your office, your family and your life.

We provide clever & helpful tips whether you are just getting started on your organizational journey or are already an organizing “junkie.” We offer excellent incentives and free products whether you host a party or join our team.

Clever Container is a newer member of the Direct Selling Association with fewer than 1,500 consultants nationwide allowing new consultants an opportunity to get in on the ground level and build their dreams. Our mission is to help people take control of their lives (1) by providing high-quality, innovative and functional tools—along with practical techniques and useful information—for organizing the world around them and (2) by offering business opportunities to motivated individuals who share our belief that an organized environment can lead to a more productive, fulfilling life for each of us.

If you are looking for a new opportunity… I think I can help.  Find out more about our company, buying our products, hosting an Organizing Party, or joining my team and earning your kit for FREE… visit www.mycleverbiz.com/ChrisSimiriglia or contact me at csimiriglia@gmail.com. I’m here for you!

Featured Leader Interview with Chris Simiriglia

Q:  Tell us a little bit about your background and why you decided to get started in Direct Sales.
I’m a professional organizer and time-management coach who helps people simplify their lives by eliminating the clutter in their homes, offices and minds. Eliminating clutter and managing time well helps us all to have more time to do the things we enjoy doing.

I have a master’s degree in Organizational Management and I’ve run non-profit organizations for 25 years.  Early in my career, I discovered that I had natural organizing abilities, as I managed people, places, services, projects, paper, grants, and everything else that came my way.  I am addicted to staying on top of everything and doing things well – and I’ve spent a lot of time accumulating a knowledge base of what works and why when it comes to getting things done.

Working with the Clever Container company and “doing direct sales” is a natural extention of my organizing business.  I love meeting new people, and offering products that help people get through their hectic days.

Q:  What made you decide to choose Clever Container Company as the company you would represent?
I became interested in Clever Container for several reasons: 1) they offer products that I love and 2) I wanted to work with a company that didn’t already have a million representatives.  Getting in on the ground level of a company enables me to meet more people, and to help other women start their own businesses and reach their goals.

Q: What have you found to be your biggest challenge in owning your own home business?
My biggest challenge is wanting to do everything NOW – in a day that only has 24 hours.  The solution is to prioritize and use time wisely to squeeze in all that you can!

Q: What has been your biggest achievement with Clever Container Company?
This company offers a lot of room for achievement.  Every time I meet one of my goals I feel like it is my biggest achievement.  I get to have that great “high” often with Clever Container.

Q:  What advice would you give to those people who are considering a move into the direct sales industry?
Don’t over think it. Don’t agonize over whether you are a “people person”, or are comfortable giving presentations.  If you truly like the products and the people you meet in the company, you will learn the rest easily.  It is all about relationships… be yourself, take care of the people you meet, let kindness and generosity guide you… and you will succeed!

Q:   What is a typical day for you when you are working your business?
Truthfully, there are no typical days.  I run a non-profit serving people who are homeless and have a mental illness for a big chunk of each weekday.  I work my Clever Container business in between… evenings, weekends, days off.  I always have catalogs and materials in my car.  I organize my day to make sure that any downtime can be filled with calls and email.  I automate as much as possible so that I’m not recreating things and I rely on members of my Clever Container team for ideas and templates.  No one is too busy for direct sales, because you can truly work your own hours and draw strength from your team.

Q:  Tell us a little bit about your goals for 2013.
My greatest joy is in helping other women start their own businesses.  I’m making 2013 my year of bringing women who need additional income and FUN into our company!  My longer term goals are to work my way out of my day job in three years.  I used to think it would be impossible to change careers at my age.  Guess what… it’s not.  I’m going to get to support other women in their dreams, full-time, soon!

Q:  Tell us about the your Business Opportunity with Clever Container Company.
Chris:  The Clever Container opportunity is a breath of fresh air. We’re a fun, unique company with a small but growing team of consultants.  We’re flexible. You can work when—and how much—you like. Schedule your business around kids, work and personal time.  You don’t need more “stuff.” We won’t clutter your home with inventory. Your starter kit is all you need for parties and demonstrations.

Shipping is simple. All orders are shipped from our warehouse to the location of your choice—to you, to the hostess or directly to the customer.

Getting started is easy—and inexpensive. For only $149 plus tax, you will receive a starter kit overflowing with organizing products and supplies to get your business launched – or you can start for free by hosting a show and using your hostess benefits toward your kit!

Organizing parties are fun for everyone! Especially your Hostess, who will be thrilled to receive free and half-priced items for qualified parties—all paid for by Clever Container.

You’ll watch your bank account GROW. With so many ways to earn, you’ll receive weekly commissions, monthly bonuses, and fun contests and incentives.

To find out more about Chris and Clever Container Company you can visit www.mycleverbiz.com/ChrisSimiriglia or contact Chris directly at csimiriglia@gmail.com  or 610.731.1655.