Today I wanted to talk to you all about the importance of ALWAYS providing excellent customer service to your current customers, potential customers, potential new recruits and party hosts (both past, present and future).

Let’s start this conversation out as for most of us, providing excellent customer service at all times in our business is common sense. We all know that when we go out of our way to give our customers the service that they want and need, they come back to us over and over again.

However, there are still some consultants out there who are not concentrating on giving all of their customers the best service that they can provide. I am going to share something with all of you that happened to me last week.

I saw an AD in our local newspaper from an Avon Rep. a couple of weeks ago. My old rep moved out of town and I haven’t had a new rep since. I called up this Jane Doe and spoke to her for about 10 minutes. I already knew which 4 products I wanted to order and she gladly took my order from me.

Jane Doe explained to me that my order would be in on such and such date and that she would swing by the day after with my order. She gave me my total due and asked me to have cash ready. I thanked her for her time and was looking forward to meeting her.

Well, delivery day came and went with absolutely no contact from Jane Doe. I was really disappointed by that as I had explained to her that I would be leaving town for vacation and wanted the products to take with me. I tried calling her for 3 days before we left and never reached her. We went on vacation and once we returned I called her up to see where my order was at. This cat and mouse phone game with me leaving messages lasted for another 4 days before she returned my call.

She said to me, “Shelly, I was busy with my kids being out of school and having to take them to the park, to the community pool and then to a summer fun day at church. I fell behind on my schedule and I will drop your order off tonight at such and such time”. Well, she never came by that night at all! The following day I went out for a doctor’s appointment and when I got back home I found my Avon order inside my door.

Since I owed her money for my Avon order and decided that I didn’t want to deal with her again due to her unprofessional behavior, I decided to put a check into the mail and I mailed it to her. She got it 2 days later and cashed it that very same day. Luckily for me, I will now be doing all of my Avon purchases online until I find another local Avon Rep to deal with.

As you can see from my story above…providing terrible customer service will definitely drive your customers and/or potential customers away. If you set up a day and time for delivery, be there. If an emergency comes up, contact them immediately and reschedule. Customers are forgiving people when you handle it promptly and professionally when you need to reschedule.

However, customers are NOT forgiving when you play phone tag with them for almost 3 1/2 weeks. It shows a customer that you are NOT serious about your business and you are NOT serious about serving your customer’s needs.

While most of us realize this is common business sense, there are still people out there in the world who just don’t get it!

Going out of your way to provide excellent and timely service to your customers is a great way to get repeat business out of them. In addition, word-of-mouth advertising is an important tool in marketing your business and when a customer is happy with your service, they will tell others about you.

That is about all I have to say today on this particular topic.

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