Strategies For Party Plan Sponsoring

1. Don’t wait for the perfect consultant.  If you do, you will never grow a organization.

2. Never make their decision for them.  Many individuals whom you would think would be great at this will not be and it goes both ways.

3. Talk sponsoring to everyone,but don’t try sharing everyone. There is a difference.

4. Share the advantages of generating finding financial solutions with your sales company so that you create direct sales company in your potential recruits.

5. Don’t wait for someone to approach you. Nine times out of ten, they won’t.

6. Don’t think of sponsoring only at parties – recruits are everywhere you go. Just listen!

7. Don’t focus only on those who “need” your business.  Frequently they won’t be so great.  There are many people out there who would be good at your company and they should get as much or more of your time.

8. Tell people that they would be dynamite at what you do.  It is a compliment and when you end it with a question you will be surprised at the results.  “Your sensational personality would make you an awesome consultant; have you ever thought about doing what I do?” is a simple statement that will generate results.

9. Look for an attractive sales rep, but don’t let looks deceive you. Look for someone who smiles and can get along with people, one who loves the products and services and believes that your company is best for her.

10. At presentations, offer the opportunity every time you hear a compliment about your company or about you, the sales rep.  “Thank you, I love doing this, would you like me to give you more information about what I do?”

11. Use The ABCs Of selling :  Always Be Ready to Close the Deal.  You must have everything available to sign up your new recruit.  Do you have what it takes to sign up a new rep?  Recruiting info, starter kit, application form…..

12.  Listen for temperature statements. A temperature sentence is one that indicates intention: “I think my aunt would do a show.” When you hear thatFeature Articles, your response should be “TERRIFIC! Are you ready to sign up?”

13. Don’t recruit!  Share a exciting selling  business!

When you incorporate these and other direct sales marketing tips into your training, your sales organization will grow by leaps and bounds. Deb shares more home business marketing strategies at: