What Type Of Home Party Plan Consultant Are You?

When it comes to business, there are many different ways to get the job done. Direct sales is an ongoing endeavor and there are several different types of consultants in the party plan business, all of which will help to account for your success.

When starting your party plan business, it will be important to recognize just where you fit in along with the other consultants in your downline. This will help you when going out in search of recruits and will make you more successful in the long run.

Career Party Plan Consultants – The first type is the career consultant. This is the consultant who is serious about her business and has the time to devote to making it a successful endeavor, probably full-time. It is important to remember here that not everyone has the time to run a full out business and just because someone might not fall into the career consultant category, that doesn’t mean she isn’t serious.

The career consultant works her business and envisions climbing in the ranks of her company. The work involved in investing in the business is seen in a positive light, because it is viewed as a long-term career.

Catalog Show Only Business – The second type is the catalog business consultant. This consultant prefers to only do catalog parties and forfeits the home party route. A catalog consultant can be turned into a career consultant if she takes the leap to hosting parties.

Part Time Party Plan Rep – The third type is the part-time consultant. This type of consultant generally has no desire to become a career consultant and is content to earn a pre-specified amount every month.

Another type is the short-term goal consultant. This type of consultant needs to earn a specific amount of money and has chosen the party plan business to do it. Once that amount is earned, her business will cease.

The own-best-customer consultant signs up specifically to obtain the discount on her own purchases or to get all the goodies in the kit without paying full price for them. The inner-circle consultant will host shows and catalog sales to her family and friends, basically her own inner circle. She does not, however, expand beyond her inner circle in order to gain customers and hostesses.

More Than One Party Plan Company? – The multiple company consultant is another type. This consultant has more than one direct sales company for whom she is currently working. She is not focused on just one business but instead is spread over two or more different companies.

Finally, the just-for-fun consultant enjoys doing parties, but they tend to be sporadic. She doesn’t go out of her way to fit them into her schedule but really enjoys it when she is able to do one.

Once you have defined the type of consultant you are, you will be able to find others who also fit within your particular niche. This is important because not every type of consultant will have the same work habits or goals. In order to achieve the type of success you desire, you will need to find consultants who are on the same page as you and who have the same end results in mind. Learn more about the home party plan business model and working from home.

Deb retired from her corporate job in 2000 and used her direct selling business and her culinary background coupled with the ability to speak in front of an audience to replace her income in only 9 months. Deb Bixler is a motivational speaker who teaches direct sales professionals how to create a consistent income in their home business and schools, corporations and organizations how to live a long and healthy life. Deb teaches real action steps to take that will bring you life long good health as well as guarantee success when working from home. http://www.DebBixler.com

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