customer loyalty

Does your direct sales company have a customer referral program or customer loyalty program in place? If not, you can set one up on your own! Offering a referral program and loyalty program to your established customers is a great way to get their repeat business and the business of their friends, family and co-workers.

About 10 years ago I read a study on that (can’t remember where that was) but immediately after reading that, I set up my own customer loyalty & referral program. Within 30 days of setting up my own for my direct sales business, I was seeing the benefits and the rewards!

The program you set up doesn’t have to be high-tech nor complicated. I simply purchased some colored card-stock paper and used a template to print out my own customer referral and customer loyalty cards.

For my customer referral program, I had 10 blocks on my cards that I would punch and date every time one of my customers referred a new customer to me. When all 10 blocks were full, they received a $25.00 gift certificate from me to spend on whatever they wanted from our current catalog.

For my customer loyalty program, once a customer made 3 purchases with me, I gave them a customer loyalty card. Starting on purchase #4, they received 10% off every order they placed with me until order #10. On that order I gave them 25% off of their order.

While these don’t sound like big incentives, customers love to save every dime that they can and both programs worked extremely well for me.  I was more “apt” to get referrals and repeat orders by having both programs in place and over a 6 month period of time, these programs added about 12% to my total sales & income.

If your direct sales company doesn’t have these types of programs in place, you can set them up yourself, quickly and easily. In my personal opinion, they are well-worth the investment!

Do any of you use customer referral and customer loyalty programs in your business? If so, do you find them beneficial?

Shelly Hill
Shelly has been working from home in Direct Sales since 1989. Shelly is a Manager with Tupperware. You can contact Shelly at:
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