Direct sales is a simple business model: selling and recruiting. But the execution is challenging. As easy and affordable direct sales is to get started. It is just as easy to quit the business.

To be one of the best in this business, a direct seller needs to understand that selling is not enough. Mastering the recruiting process is a must if you want to build a large residual income business.

#1 Be honest. – With the internet and ease of finding information online, transparency is key in the recruiting process. Be enthusiastic about the opportunity but be honest. You don’t need to hype the compensation plan or business opportunity.

Direct sales is a respectable and potentially lucrative business for the right person.

#2 Get to know people. - Direct sales is a relationship business. You are the deciding factor. There are thousands of other direct sellers that your prospect can sign up with if she or he doesn’t like or trust you.

People want to partner with sponsors that they connect with but also someone that can help them achieve success.

#3 Be professional. – Be warm, open, and professional. Whether the initial contact is by email, phone, or in person this is your first impression.
Always value and respect your prospect’s time and be appreciative of the opportunity. Regardless of the outcome, make your prospect feel good about her or his decision, even if she doesn’t join your business at this time.

Ask if you can stay in touch. By keeping the lines of communication open, you’ll never what might develop in the future.

#4 Talk less, listen more. – It’s tempting to over-sell the opportunity especially if you’re a new direct seller. The more you talk, the more anxious you seem, and the less your prospect hears you.

It’s not about you. It’s what it’s in for your prospect. Find out what your prospect’s problems are.

Is your prospect looking to earn money? Maybe she’s only interested in buying the products. If you’re doing all the talking, you won’t know what your prospect’s interested in.

#5 Interest level. – If you ask great questions and listen carefully, you can gauge your prospect’s interest level. Not everyone’s right for direct sales. And don’t assume others want what you have to offer either.

Direct sales requires someone who is committed to becoming a business owner. And someone dedicated to learning new skills. Products don’t sell themselves. Every direct seller will need to learn marketing skills to grow a business.

#6 Keep it simple. – Don’t overload your prospect with too much information. She doesn’t need to know the ten different ways your company pays. Tell her how she’ll earn money right away in a few steps.

Use your company’s marketing tools to do the work for you. Your time with your prospect is to make a connection. This is a critical step. If there’s no connection, your prospect’s not likely to join your team.

#7 Offer 100% support. – Don’t take on a new team member if you’re not willing to invest your time to help her. Match your time with your prospect’s commitment. Let your prospect know the type of personal support she’ll get from you.

Keep the recruiting process fun, simple, and focus on making a connection. The success of your direct sales business is in sponsoring more people like you. The best way to recruit people is start by being someone that others want to work with.

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