free vs paid

I have been working from home in Direct Sales since 1989 and I have a lot of personal experience in managing a large Direct Sales downline team. Today I thought I would share my opinions with all of you regarding FREE start-up kits vs. Paid start-up kits when it comes to joining a Direct Sales home business.

Yes folks…this is my personal opinion but I do draw my opinion from being in the business for over 20+ years.

I was with one particular company for 8 1/2 years and during that time we had a few times that the company offered free or heavily discounted (almost free) business start-up kits. Over those years…that same company would also offer regular priced start-up kits.

During the FREE start-up kit/enrollment periods we all would get a lot of new recruits/consultants joining our teams and I really mean…a lot! During one of these big recruiting pushes, I actually brought in 34 new team members (myself) in one month. Within 3 months only 3 of those 34 team members actually stayed with the business and wanted to work it as a business. The other 31 told me after 3 months…that they only joined to get in on the free deal or they only joined to purchase products for themselves at a discount. Well, that might be acceptable to some of you…that is not acceptable to me.

I wasted a lot of time and effort trying to train, educate, motivate and communicate with 31 people who had NO desire and NO interest in working it as a business. It would of been nice for those 31 people to tell me upfront that it was their intentions to not do anything with the business so that I could of solely focused my time on those who did.

In my personal experience…when recruits joined my team and had to INVEST some money in their kits they at least TRIED to earn back what they spent on their kits and most tried to work it as a business to turn a profit. When there is MONEY involved people are more apt to work hard to get that investment back.

So…I am not a BIG FAN of no-investment start-up kits because I believe there is NO motivation behind folks trying to work the business to earn their money back. With that said, there will be a handful of people who join direct sales companies when there are FREE promotion periods who will stick in it and work it hard like a business…most will not.

Again…this is my personal opinion and from personal experience. What do you think about this topic?

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