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Summer’s almost here, the sun is bright and the weather is warm. Soon the kids will be out of school and the lazy, dazy days of summer are beckoning to you. You know that you need to work your business, but it’s summer and well you know….

Unfortunately, way too many people in our industry think that way and suffer for it, especially when the fall comes.

What most people don’t realize is that if you don’t work your business in the summer you not only lose the momentum that you have created to this point, but you are also seriously damaging you business for the high selling Christmas season. You will spend the fall season trying to gain back the momentum that you have lost instead of reaping the rewards that Christmas selling provides.

I do understand what it is like as a Mom with kids in the summer, but here is something that I can tell you. If you respect yourself as a business owner and not as someone who just has a hobby, then you CAN TRAIN YOUR CHILDREN TO DO THE SAME.

My children learned that there were times when Mom needed to work and heaven help them if they caused a ruckus while I was on the phone or trying to get work done.

Now, that didn’t mean that I spent all day working and ignoring them, because being a Mom is the most important job I have ever had, but I did schedule times throughout the week when I worked my business and they were just going to have to be good. That included when we were out and about and I would prospect a stranger.

Keeping motivated in the summer can be difficult because there are so many distractions and wonderful things that are calling for your time, but being a true Direct Sales Person means that occasionally you have to put aside what you want now for a better future tomorrow.

So what are some ways to make sure that you come out of the summer with MORE sales and recruits, then less.

1. Plan activities throughout the summer to keep your business moving forward. Get into as many events and festivals as you can.
2. Get an accountability partner that you do things with so that they get done.
3. Establish a very nice reward for your children at the end of the summer if they “help” you. Take a percentage of the extra money you have made and put it towards them. You would be amazed at how supportive they will be of your business when they have a stake in it.
4. Plan ahead. Are you going on vacation? Make sure that you have taken care of your business before you leave.
5. Most importantly, plan some rewards for yourself for a job well done at the end of the summer. For me, my company is having a promotion where you get to go to a special conference in the fall and be treated like royalty for two days, so my hard work this summer will reap benefits in the fall.

Don’t waste the opportunity to come out of this summer with so much new business that your Christmas season will be fantastic. That’s my game plan. Is it yours?

To Your Success,
Kim Thompson-Pinder

Kim Thompson-Pinder has many years experience in the direct sales industry. From running a Top Ten Cosmetic Franchise to currently being in the top 10% of sales reps in her company, she knows how to sell and how to teach others as well. Check out her FREE 7 Day Email Course called Explode Your Business Online & Locally on the homepage of www.kimthompsonpinder.com

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