Vendor shows can be important opportunities for you to promote your direct selling business. Attend vendor shows and take full advantage of the opportunity to show off your merchandise, provide information to potential customers and secure sales leads.

Creating an effective vendor show table display of your merchandise, whether you sell fashion accessories, cosmetics or kitchenware, can help you create genuine interest in your products and get valuable sales leads.

Your Direct Sales Product Is Your Brand – Show off your merchandise. Your vendor show table needs to immediately show a potential customer what your business is about. For example, using a pink tablecloth can give even a passerby an impression of something fun, flirty and feminine, while a black tablecloth could make silver or gold jewelry gleam attractively against the dark background. Featuring the brand name logo on your display and placing signature pieces centrally can also create a strong first impression.

When selecting merchandise to display on your vendor show table, choose merchandise that is seasonal or timely and choose a range of items that are representative of a broad range of your stock. It is not practical to take every item you sell with you to a vendor show, and that should not be your goal. Rather than making immediate sales, you are working to create leads for future sales. Your goal should be to present enough to give potential customers a taste of what you have to offer, and, in this case, it can actually be a good thing to leave them wanting more.

Your Direct Sales Business Literature – Provide product information and contact information. Your merchandise and how you present it on your vendor show table should capture the interest of potential customers. It is important that they understand the benefits of your product and how to be in contact with you in the future to place an order.
Tip: Stand in front of your table not behind it!

It is easier to engage your guests when you stand in front of table. The goal is to connect and become “friends”.

When you have the opportunity to speak with potential customers, take the time to find out what they look for in a handbag or mixing bowl, whatever it is you are selling, and let them know how you can meet their needs with your product. Although it is effective, this personal attention can be time-consuming and you may not have the opportunity to speak at length to everyone who visits your vendor show table. This is where having printed promotional information like signs and brochures on your table display can come in handy. With them, visitors are able to learn a bit more about your product even if you are unavailable.

To increase your direct sales potential and secure leads, always exchange contact information. Set up a guestbook for customers to enter their contact information and set up a display of your business cards for distribution. Get the valuable leads that can generate sales for your direct selling business when you show off your merchandise and exchange contact information with potential customers through the display on your vendor show table.

Put a system into place that puts you and your team at a vendor event every month and you will always have plenty of direct sales business. When you engage your guests and create relationships you will generate qualified leads at a vendor events.