Direct sales opportunities have recently picked up popularity for people who are looking to start their own home business. With the power of the Internet to bring people together and to offer marketing solutions that are not available in the offline world, people are realizing the potential for creating full time incomes with a direct sales business of their own.

If you are just starting out looking for a quality company to get started with, it can be a daunting task to try searching page after page on the Internet. There are direct sales directories that you can browse through to find products and companies of interest to you.

There are many companies listed in these directories. Often the listing includes contact information for a consultant that can answer your questions and provide tips and advice on the best way to get started. You can find listings for candle companies, gifts and greetings, children’s products, health and eco-friendly products, clothing and accessories, hobbies and crafts, cosmetics and skin care, home decor and storage, jewelry, food, cooking and parties, and pet products.

Look for directories that seem to be updated regularly as company information does change. If you run into a number of companies that no longer exist or a lot if inaccurate information, you probably want to move on to a different site. And before you make a decision to join a company, talk to a company representative for the most up-to-date information.

If you are already part of a direct selling business and are looking for a way to promote your opportunity, getting listed in a direct sales directory is where you need to be. When comparing directories to decide where advertise, consider these factors:

  •  How much traffic does the directory get and is it targeted traffic? Will your target market see the ad?
  • Is the directory regularly updated and maintained?
  • Is there a contact person you can reach if you need to make a change or if there is a problem with your listing?
  • Compare the price with other directories with similar traffic statistics and audience.
  • Are the other listings in the directory quality sites that you want to be associated with?
  • Will your listing be visible on the page or lost in a sea of other advertisements?
  • Does the directory appear in search results for your company and/or keywords?

It is getting to be competitive on the web today. Getting your business listed in the right place with the perfect, targeted traffic is an excellent investment to make.

Whether looking for a direct sales party plan company to join, or looking to promote your opportunity, quality direct sales directories are great resources.

Put these tips to use in a popular direct sales company directory, one of the resources managed by author Linda Stacy.