When it comes to building a team in Direct Sales, you need to remember that people join Direct Sales Businesses for different reasons.

When you are interviewing your next potential team member, it’s important to find out how they ‘plan’ on working the business. Knowing this information before giving them your business opportunity speech, will help you to tailor the conversation in a way that will yield you the best results.

Example: Someone who is only interested in joining your business for a personal discount, doesn’t need to listen to an hour long speech about home parties, training classes and team building.

You might be a career consultant, but that doesn’t mean your next team member will be.

1. Friends and Family Consultant – A Friends and Family Consultant likes the idea of buying products for personal use at consultant discounts. This person sells to neighbors, friends, relatives, etc. through catalog orders.

2. Short-Term Consultant – A Short-Term Consultant sells for a short period of time. This person wants to earn a specific amount of money and when they reach their specific goal, they end their business.

3. Seasonal Consultant – A Seasonal Consultant loves doing home shows and earning extra money during specific times of the year. This could be around the Holidays or during the summer months.

4. Workplace Consultant – A Workplace Consultant works for a company with a lot of employees who love your company’s products. This makes it convenient for everyone to order and for the consultant to earn a little extra income. This type of consultant usually only takes orders from her co-workers.

5. Part-Time Consultant – A Part-time consultant is someone who consistently works on their business and desires to make a specified monthly income but limits their business hours.

6. Career Consultant – A Career Consultant views the business as a viable career and knows it can provide a full-time income. This person pursues management and wants to move up the career ladder. This person works on their business in a consistent and on-going manner and works hard to build to quality team.

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