In Direct Sales, we often find ourselves doing trade show events. Has space been an issue for you? I know these days, booth space is at a premium. After all, they want to squeeze in as many vendors, as they can.

I have a unique idea I would like to share with you, to solve that problem.

Have you seen those new Digital Picture Frames? A lot of stores are now carrying them. You can purchase one for around $80.00, or a little cheaper, if you find one on sale.

They come in a variety of sizes, but I would like to recommend the 8.5″ frames. I recommend purchasing 2 of them.

Now you are probably saying to yourself, How can this benefit my Direct Sales business? You benefit by:

  • 1. Showing as many of your business products that you can, both physically and visually.
  • 2. By giving a visual recruiting message to those who are visiting your booth space.

Here is how I am using them with my business. I purchased one for my business products, and one for recruiting.

  • 1. Business Products. Take 25-40 pictures of some of your business products. Load those pictures into the digital frame.
  • 2. Recruiting. I use the second frame as a digital vision/dream board. I took pictures of things such as: a jet liner, tropical island, a new car, a paid off credit card bill, home improvement project, a big screen TV, etc. These are things that people want to earn an additional income for.

You will want to set them up on the ‘slide show’ feature. I recommend loading as many photograph’s into them as you can, utilizing them to their fullest potential. You can set them up on your product display tables at your business vendor events.

I think you will find this unique idea, as a great Direct Sales marketing tool. You are maximizing your demonstration space to it’s fullest potential.

Shelly Hill has been working from home since 1989 in Direct Sales. You can visit Shelly online at: or at